7 Compelling Reasons To Not Miss Vrithra At The Theatres on October 11th

vrithra trailer

3rd October 2019. The trailer of ‘Vrithra’ made headlines for its unique content and well-composed shots. Well, it did make a mark amongst the curious audience as well. The flick is all set for a release this Friday ie October 11 & in this article, we give you 7 strong reasons why this neo-noir drama cannot be given a miss at the theatres.

1. The title for the ages

‘Vrithra’ is not a commonplace word and for a movie to be named on this expression, the notion of eagerness is bound to be high. Apart from educating ourselves on a word with mythological reference, how ‘Vrithra’ is connected to Indra Rao’s story would be revealed only on October 11th.


2. Neo-Noir Drama

‘Vrithra’ has been shot in the neo-noir way and with only a handful of such movies coming our way, this film deserves our attention this Friday.

vrithra trailer

3. Nithya Shri’s homecoming

From assisting popular director Maniratnam to playing a role in Bejoy Nambiar’s Solo, Nithya Shri is heading home, to Bengaluru, the city where she started out as a stage-artiste a few years ago. She has impressed with her looks & striking screen-presence so far and we can expect more of this from this talented lady on the big screen.

4. Audiphotography

Auditya Venkatesh, a name we have heard of very often, will now be showcasing his skills on the big screen with ‘Vrithra’. His photography skills are unparalleled and it needs to be seen how he would mesmerize us with the ‘big’ transition.


vrithra trailer

5. The promising Gautham Iyer

Going by the rushes from the trailer and the teaser thus far, Gautham Iyer looks promising to score big with his very first flick. He commanded our attention in the trailer and we can be hopeful of a similar experience at the theatres.

vrithra trailer
Gautham Iyer

6. Please…Mess with our minds!

Bored of the regular commercial fare that gets served every calendar week? With ‘Vrithra’ though, you are ought to expect a mindblowing screenplay that is sure to get your thinking caps on and provide some entertaining work to your cerebrum.

7 compelling reasons to watch Vrithra at the theatres on October 11th

7. The phenomenal trailer cut

And, finally, if you still want some convincing, head straight to YouTube & give the trailer of ‘Vrithra’ a watch. Rest assured, your fingertips would soon start looking for a certain ticketing application on your mobile devices.