7 Children among 17 killed in Taliban’s celebratory gunfire in Kabul, Check Details

Panjshir remains the only province in Afghanistan which Taliban couldn’t capture and Afghanistan forces have been resisting it since the day Taliban have been into Kabul. However in an attempt to capture the region clashes are ongoing between Taliban and Afghan forces in which several people, including children, were reportedly killed and injured in and around Kabul after the Taliban fighters fired celebratory aerial gunshots claiming victory over the Panjshir valley.

Panjshir Bloodshed

Heavy celebratory gunfire was heard across Kabul on Friday after the Taliban claimed that they have taken control of the Panjshir valley and defeated the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan (NRFA). In photos and videos shared on social media, people were seen taking their wounded relatives to the hospital.



Afghanistan resistance forces in Panjshir

“By the grace of Allah Almighty, we are in control of the entire Afghanistan. The troublemakers have been defeated and Panjshir is now under our command,” Reuters quoted one Taliban commander as saying.


The Emergency Hospital in Kabul said that at least 17 bodies and 41 wounded people were transferred to its facility because of harm caused by last night’s city-wide aerial firing. Injured and dead were also brought from the bordering Nangarhar province.


Leader Of Resistance Forces Claims It Is False

Ahmad Massoud, leader of the resistance forces in Panjshir, said that the news of the Panjshir conquest was false. “News of Panjshir conquests is circulating on Pakistani media. This is a lie. Conquering Panjshir will be my last day in Panjshir, inshallah,” he said in a tweet.



Amrullah Saleh is one of the leaders of the resistance forces in Panjshir, himself cleared the air over him fleeing Afghanistan. He said that he was in the Panjshir valley and managing the situation.

“I am with our commanders and our political leaders and are managing the situation. Of course, it’s a difficult situation, we are under the invasion of the Taliban and Pakistanis and Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups,” Amrullah Saleh added.

The Resistance forces and Taliban authorities held peace talks, which failed on the negotiation table and since then the Taliban launched a multi-pronged attack on Panjshir. Gunfights between the Taliban and the resistance front have been at its peak, once Kabul was captured. Certainly Panjshir is the only province which is not held by Taliban yet due to resistance from Afghani forces.