7 Brutally Honest Answers From Samantha And Karan On Koffee With Karan Show

Karan Johar is back with episode 3 of Koffee With Karan Season 7, and there’s everything we were looking forward to. From interesting conversations to private love life stories, the show’s guests Akshay Kumar and Samantha Ruth Prabhu left no stone unturned.

From making jokes about nepotism (towards KJo) to taking digs at themselves, the entire episode was a laughter riot. Viewers loved the beautiful chemistry between Akshay and Samantha.


Now that the episode has finally been released on Hotstar, here are some best moments from it.

1. The entrance of Akshay and Samantha

Akshay Kumar makes his entry into the talk show in true Khiladi fashion, carrying the show’s debutant Samantha Ruth Prabhu in his arms.

2. Samantha Ruth Prabhu on marriage

Samantha too was a victim of the grand illusion of Karan Johar movies and their unbelievably happy endings. When KJo asked her about her marriage, Samantha was quick to answer that KJo is the reason behind unhappy marriages, while he shows the world that they are K3G, in reality, they are KGF.


3. When Akshay Kumar spoke about luck

When asked about his journey as an actor in Bollywood, Khiladi says, “Throughout my Bollywood career it was luck that played an important role. I have seen people working harder than me in the industry but they are unsuccessful. It is ‘luck’ that matters the most. No matter what one may say, I believe that it’s 70% luck and 30% hard work.

4. Akshay was asked about Chris Rock-Will Smith Oscars slap incident

In a reference to the controversial Chris Rock-Will Smith Oscars slap incident, KJo is seen asking Khiladi, what he would do if Chris Rock made a joke about his wife. To which, Kumar replies that he would pay for Rock’s funeral, suggesting that no one could mess with Twinkle Khanna.

5. Akshay wants to invite Ranveer for a dinner

During the Rapid Fire game, KJo asked Akshay,” Who would be on your guest list if you had to host a private dinner party for industry folks?” Akshay Kumar answers, “I think Ranveer Singh because he will come and entertain everyone. I will just need to be quiet and he will entertain everybody. He will sit on everybody’s lap. He’ll kiss everybody, left, right and center. He’ll do that I am sure.”


6. ‘f**k it, I’ll do it’ when Samantha heard Oo Antava

Samantha talked about her hit song Oo Antava and why she decided to do this song. Karan asked her, “Was this song a rebellious move? Was that a strategic move? Or was that something you just felt “F*** it I’ll do it.?”

Samantha smiled and said, “Yes, f*** it I’ll do it. I mean why not? I loved the song. It was a satire on the male gaze.”

7. Akshay Kumar dances to Pushpa’s Oo Antava

The short clip showed Samantha grooving with Akshay as he perfectly matched steps with her. And of course, the last Bollywood dance that made us all laugh.