6 Yesteryear Kannada Actors And Contemporary Directors Combo We Wish Could Come True

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Yes, it is imaginary, but fancy the fireworks! Sandalwood was witness to some fine actors in the past decades, and currently, the industry is host to a few amazing directors, who are reshaping the face of Kannada Cinema.

Now, if there existed a ‘Time Machine’, and if there lived a chance to bring these two sets of talents together, Sandalwood producers could have had some crazy combinations, ready to explode at the box-office.

In this article, we take a peek at six of them which definitely could have set the box-office on fire.

Rajkumar – Santosh AnandRam

Santosh has the right ingredients to direct the legend of Sandalwood, Dr. Rajkumar. The ‘Rajakumaara’ director can generate content that families can easily connect to, and the characters he writes gel well with the audience. We all witnessed this when he worked with Puneeth and hence, amongst the current lot, we feel Santosh is the perfect fit here.

Vishnuvardhan – Yograj Bhat

In terms of the characters he essayed, Dr. Vishnuvardhan was very close to the common audience. While a few films he entertained us with his quirk, on other occasions, Vishnuvardhan’s serious image worked magic with the fans. In most of his films though, ‘philosophy’ was a constant factor. Yograj Bhat is good at this viewpoint and seems fit to direct the legend.

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Ambarish – Prashanth Neel

The ‘Rebel’ and the ‘Angry Young Man’ image bodes very well with Ambarish, and at the moment, no one seems better than Prashanth Neel to make use of such a ‘khadak’ actor. ‘Elevations’ become better with Ambi in the lead and concerning the dialogues, ” If you’re bad, ….” – the rest is for you to imagine.

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Shankar Nag – Soori

Shankar Nag’s absence is still felt in the industry. While he is a multi-genre man, his rugged look & intense persona is very suited to the kind of characters which come out of Soori’s pen. This, surely, would be a blockbuster combo for the fans to imagine.

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Srinath – Shashank

Shashank is an under-rated filmmaker in Sandalwood. Be it ‘Bachchan’ or ‘Krishna Leela’, the man has always been delivering fine movies. In most of his stories, the lead character usually suffers through an emotional arc, something that can work well with an actor like Srinath, who has done similar roles in the past.

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Kashinath – Guru Prasad

Well, this can be an extremely entertaining movie for the audience. While one excels in double-entendre, the other is a master at sarcasm. Both can generate a lot of comedy and could lead to a riot at the theatres.

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