6 Steps To Launch Your Interior Design Business

source: justwords

The interior design market is saturated with excellent, well-established businesses, and starting
out in this industry is going to be tough. Many small businesses in interior design shit down
after a short while because the competition can be difficult to beat. Still, if you have the talent,
passion, and determination, you can stand out and get a stable client base. Below are some
steps you can count on to guide you through launching an interior design business.

Know your target clientele

Interior design is an industry whose clients can be categorized by their preferences, education,
style, and financial background. You need to determine what subsection of clients you want to
serve, and what they would need from you and what styles are in popular demand. Have a clear
vision of your client’s home, financial background, style, and preferences to help you get all the
resources you need to start the business.


Create a unique logo and branding

Interior design clients will identify more with your brand and its promise if it has a unique
appearance, logo, and tagline. As soon as you have an idea of who your clients will be, create a
brand name, logo, and tagline for your business. With these unique identities, every product,
service, ad, or item they see with the logo will remind them of your services. Hire a professional
graphic designer to create a brand identity set whose colors will be in harmony, and that will
impress your clients.

Create an online presence

Interior design is all about beautiful living spaces, dazzling colors, and lovely, artsy pieces. One
way to inspire a potential client to call for a consultation is to make them imagine just how
beautiful you will make their home. To show them these ideas, you will need a beautiful
website that is crisp, clutter-free, and easy to navigate. You do not have to spend thousands of
dollars on a web designer’s fees.

A website builder like SquareSpace will help you make a dazzling website in less than thirty
minutes. For a monthly fee, SquareSpace will offer you access to GSuite emailing, a domain
name, web hosting, and a theme that you can use to upload images, slideshows, videos, and
other helpful media. The right website will improve your corporate image and direct traffic to
your business. Your business should also offer information such as testimonials, contact details,
terms of service, and customer support.


Social media

Right after a crisp, clean website, a robust social media presence is up next on the things you
need to have to stand out and be successful. Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram are perfect
channels for you to market your services and display photographs of your previous works. Post
relevant items on your pages regularly to impress your followers and offer free design advice.

Photography is everything

Photographs are your most important asset in showing off your portfolio and what clients stand
to gain from hiring you. It is impossible to run a successful interior design business without
high-quality imagery. Hire a proper professional with high-quality camera and image processing
software to capture images of all your finished projects. A professional photographer will know
the right angles, lighting, and editing to make your images exude magazine-style elegance. They
will also know how to create a great slideshow or video for your website.


Attending expos, conferences, and seminars in home sales, interior design, and other relevant
areas is a great way to get your brand out there and offer business cards to attendees. Ensure
you have a stand complete with what you have to offer, fliers, and portfolios.