6 Examples Where A Dietitian Can Help

Did you know that many times problems such as allergies, asthma, fatigue or
chronic pain can be a result of diet? If you suspect this may be the case, it may be a
good idea to schedule an appointment with a dietitian nutritionist. In this article, we
discuss some common health problems that may be a result of dietary issues and
why scheduling an appointment with a dietitian nutritionist, as well as your regular doctor, might be helpful.

When you Experience regular digestive issues

Acid reflux, heartburn, irregular bowel movement, constipation, and diarrhea are
common digestive problems. However, if you experience any of these issues for a
prolonged period, you could be suffering from irritable bowel syndrome or
gastrointestinal disturbance. A dietitian can help to quickly identify the root cause of
your digestive discomfort and offer the necessary advice. Your dietitian can help to
establish a balanced meal plan that can alleviate the problem or refer you to a
medical doctor if the problem is beyond their scope.


When you can’t tell which food causes your allergies

When you experience an allergy, a doctor will usually prescribe medication that will
help, but sometimes there is more that can be done. While medical doctors are
trained in nutrition in their conventional medical training, it is not their primary focus.
Visiting your dietitian nutritionist for your allergy problems can also help. You will
benefit from their years of practice in studying different foods and their biochemical
makeup. As such, they will quickly pinpoint the food causing the irritation or

When you are always tired

If you have been waking up feeling tired, experiencing declined performance at work
or generally lacking enough energy to do the things you love, it may time you
consulted a dietitian. Your dietitian will recommend the foods that will improve your
energy levels and discourage you from eating those that affect you negatively.

When you’ve been diagnosed with a chronic disease

If you have recently been diagnosed with high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes,
cardiovascular problems or any other chronic illness, you can benefit from
consulting a dietitian. Registered nutritionists are part of the health care team for
patients with such diseases. A dietitian will safely change your diet plan without
interfering with the doctor’s instructions.


When you yearn to improve the quality of your life

A time comes when you feel the need to improve the quality of your life. Perhaps you
have started visiting the gym, but you are wondering what more can be done.
Visiting a dietitian nutritionist could be the next smart idea. They can help you
identify eating habits that will increase the longevity of your life, keep diseases at bay
and generally, improve the quality of your life.

When you are concerned about your weight

If you have gained or lost excess weight, consider seeing a dietitian. A dietitian is a
shoulder to lean on when it comes to frustrating weight issues. They will walk you
through the journey by advising you on what you need to eliminate from or add into
the diet. They will give additional guidance on physical activity to help you get back
the healthy you.