5 Tips For Getting Through Airport Security Quicker

Airport security screenings can often bog down a trip. Avoid long waits and delays with these effective
airport travel tips.

Traveling can be a nerve-wracking experience. From remembering to pack everything to worry about getting through airport security, there are a lot of things to consider.


However, we seek out travel for the experiences we’ll gain. When we travel we get to see new things, learn about other cultures, or see the people we love and care about. Traveling is also a great way to get away from our normal routines and reduce stress.

Taking a vacation can also help us to feel more refreshed. Many Americans simply aren’t taking their vacations days for fear of getting behind at work or being viewed as uncommitted. But, vacation days are important for our well-being as well as our work.

But, make no mistake, traveling certainly can come with its own set of stressors. One such stressor that most dread is getting through airport security. Airport security has been heightened in recent years due to security threats and terrorist attacks.


This makes it more difficult getting through airport security. But, by knowing some much-
needed tips for getting through airport security, we can reduce our stress by feeling more

Read on to discover 5 tips to get through airport security quicker.

Getting Through Airport Security Faster: 5 Tips You Need to Know

Traveling by airplane is a quick and safe way to travel. In fact, it’s safer to travel by airplane than by car. However, to travel by airplane we are required to follow certain protocols and procedures.


We must also follow certain laws. By following these regulations, we all can feel safer traveling by airplane. However, that doesn’t mean that airport security can sometimes cause us some headaches.

The typical airport security procedure consists of ID/airplane ticket check, going through a metal detector or other scanning device, and having our baggage checked. There are certain rules we must follow to get through quickly.

Or else our bags or we could be frisked by airport personnel. Airport security staff are required to complete these checks in case an item seems suspicious or if we set off a metal detector. Most of the time, it’s a mistake or miscommunication, but it’s essential that we know how to avoid these airport security mistakes in the first place if we want to move through quickly.


Explore the following 5 tips for getting through airport security quickly so you can make your flight on time.

1. Know the Prohibited Items

Certain items are prohibited from going through airport security. However, some of these items may be able to be packed in your checked luggage. For example, knives, electronic lighters, and sports equipment are not allowed in your carry-on.

If certain items are allowed in your checked luggage, then you may be required to follow special instructions. If you ever have a question, feel free to contact your airline or TSA for answers.

2. Ditch Your Metal

To get through airport security quicker, it’s best to reduce the amount of metal you’re wearing. This includes belts and large pieces of metal jewelry. You should also make sure that any metal such as your keys is removed from your pockets.


You may also want to consider removing any body piercings before you go through airport

If you do decide to not wear your jewelry, you should pack any expensive items in your carry- on, however, instead of your checked luggage.

3. Be Aware of Liquids

Getting liquids through airport security tends to stump most. Especially, travelers who are simply drinking a bottle of water. However, the rule that applies to all liquids is that it cannot be more than 3.4 ounces.

This rule applies to gels and aerosols as well. So, make sure to pack any hair gel, shampoo, or other liquidy substance in your checked bag. This will avoid your items being thrown away and being delayed at airport security.

You should also keep in mind your travel destination when packing. Certain places to visit have different traveling needs and regulations than others.


4. Get Organized

The most important way to get through airport security quickly is to be organized. You should always have your ID or passport and your airline ticket with you. Always have a safe place to store these items such as a specific pocket in your purse or jacket.

If you’re traveling with children, make sure to take their airline tickets for safekeeping. You could also consider purchasing a hanging necklace or fanny pack to easily access all of these items.

5. Listen

If you want to get through airport security quickly, then you’ll need to actively listen to airport security staff. These staff members will repeatedly remind you of the directions for moving through the screening.

They may remind you to take off your shoes, remove your laptops from your bag, or to throw away any large amounts of liquids. These staff members will also direct you to which line to go in. Listen to these directions more than once while you’re waiting in line so you are prepared to go through the screening.

You can also wear slip-on shoes to reduce the time it takes to get through airport security. However, if you are over the age of 75, the staff will not ask you to remove your shoes or other clothing items.

If traveling with children, make sure to always keep them close by. Repeat the instructions to them and keep an eye on all of their belongings. Make sure that all items are also retrieved from the belt once your baggage, shoes, and other items have moved through security.

Airport Security: Be Prepared

The most important way to get through airport security is to be prepared. Research the airport security regulations well in advance to make sure you’re following them all.

If you have any questions or concerns, speak with the airline you are flying on. They may be able to help you with learning more about airport security and what items are allowed.

Always be aware of what’s in your bag. Before packing your bag, make sure to clean it out first. An item may be leftover in the bag that could cause airport staff to check it. You should also always have your ID on hand.

Lastly, you should never leave your baggage unattended at the airport. This applies to all areas of
the airport, not just airport security.

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