5 Reasons Why Long Destination Trips Should Not Be Booked In One Click

source: travellingking

In today’s digital age, many holidaymakers book their vacations entirely online as opposed to using a travel agent. It is easy to see why so many people choose their holidays like this because it can be so quick and convenient, but you might actually find that this is not the best approach and there is a lot to be said for adopting the more traditional approach.

Expert Advice

When you look for holidays online you are left entirely to your own devices. While those that like to research their destinations may enjoy this, many would find it better to speak to a travel agent face-to-face so that you can get expert advice and also help to figure out all the details of the trip. Additionally, travel agents have the best resources which could help to make the trip that extra bit special.



One of the main reasons to use a travel agent as opposed to booking a holiday online is that you will have protection. This comes in the form of ATOL protection but they will also only use reliable suppliers so that there should be no issues. Additionally, if there are cancellations or any issues then it means that you have someone experienced in your corner to get your holiday back on track.

Save Money

Holidays can be incredibly expensive especially if you do not have much experience in planning them. Travel agents can often help you to make big savings thanks to their

supplier relationships, plus you may find that there are hidden exclusions (such as transfers) when you book a package holiday online.


Pay in Installments

A travel agent will always allow you to pay for each aspect of the trip in installments which can make it much easier to manage financially. While it is true that some package deals allow you to pay for a holiday in instalments, you will also often find that there are heavy restrictions in place which do not bring many advantages.

Exclusive Access

Finally, you will find that when you opt for tailor-made travel through an experienced travel agency that you can often get access to tours and other experiences which are only available through a travel agent. This can give you a unique and exclusive the viewpoint of your destination and help to make a trip much more memorable.

Many holidaymakers now opt for one-click vacations where everything is handled online but you may find that this is not the best way to book a holiday. A travel agent can bring many benefits and help you to make the most out of your vacation as well as use their expertise to help provide protection and get the best deals and access.