5 Reasons To Not Miss This Upcoming Kannada Movie Titled ‘GIFT BOX’ – A Story of Human Trafficker

Sandalwood has overcome the dearth of quality content-oriented movies in recent times. Taking forward this trend are the makers of the upcoming Kannada Movie ‘GIFT BOX’, who are ready to unleash their skills with solid content on the big screen.

The trailer of the movie is already out and with just a few days left for the release, here are 5 reasons why you ought not to miss this film at the theatres.


1. Deals with Human Trafficking

A serious issue that it is, very few movies have dealt with this sensitive social problem. In ‘GIFT BOX’ though, the primary theme of the movie has been layered with Human Trafficking and it is indeed an interesting watch as to how they could pull it off.

2. ‘Redemption of a Human Trafficker’ forms the core arc of the story

At the core of every movie is an ‘ARC’, which forms the major tool the filmmakers use to bring about a sense of satisfaction at the end of the movie. Usually, this ‘ARC’ belongs to the lead protagonist. In ‘GIFT BOX’, the primary arc is that of the redemption of a Human Trafficker and the struggle the character undergoes to get out of the dirty business. This is surely a reason why we shouldn’t miss this movie.

3. Hard-Hitting & Truth-Bearing Narrative

We have seen many movies take up a social issue and use it only to sugarcoat their regular story inside. ‘GIFT BOX’ again meanders from this approach, as the makers have promised a Hard-Hitting & Truth-Bearing Narrative for the viewers.


4. The Movie offers a ‘Solution’

It is easy to tell about an issue but to provide a realistic solution on a big platform like Cinema is a huge responsibility. ‘GIFT BOX’ offers a solution to the issue of Human Trafficking and it will be interesting to witness that.

5. Realistic execution backed by quality filmmaking techniques

As seen from the trailer, the makers have gone about rendering a realistic touch to the proceedings. To elevate this, the movie is also helped by some intense performances, great music, and the latest filmmaking techniques.

Check out the movie trailer