5 Killer productivity hacks every manager must know

productivity hacks

A manager has more than 100 tasks to be done in a day’s time when he/she might start feeling that the hours are not enough to get the work completed. Here are five hacks to get more work done in a day.

An array of tasks


Prioritizing the tasks by forming an array of the to-do list is essential for the managers. This will help them to organize the work as per the importance and the given time limit.

Frame a timetable

Forming a schedule on a daily basis and following it is essential. Even the small things like social media updates, coffee breaks, responding to emails or texts should all be included in the schedule. Timetable helps the person to be relentlessly on task and ensures that most of the time is spent on important tasks


Trim down the meetings

Managers should try and escape from the dull and long winded meetings as a lot of time is wasted. Getting rid of them will save a large amount of valuable time and energy. Also, they should try and shrink the meetings, the communication and information conveyed should be done in a direct and concise way.

Control intrusions


Interruptions at work like mobile phones, Facebook should all be turned off to enhance the productivity level. Disturbing noise caused by phone calls, discussions and emails can strike anytime. To access emails, attend phone calls or for coffee breaks, time slots should be made so that the rest of the time there is no disturbance.

Neat work environment

The physical atmosphere affects a person’s thinking. Dirty and cluttered will make it difficult for the employee to focus on work. Keeping the surface or the table neat and organized will help to work more efficiently. Even the computer desktop should be systematically done by arranging the files in specific folders.


Using all of the above-mentioned hacks the managers can enhance their productivity level by finishing more work in less time and without being exhausted.