5 Interesting Mobile Apps You Should Install Today


Today, smartphone users are using way more apps than they did earlier. According to a report, they are accessing over 30 apps per month on average (TechCrunch) which are a lot. You too must have used your share of apps to this date including Twitter, TikTok, Microsoft Office, etc. However, there are many interesting apps that you may not know of. Below are the top 5 of them:

1. LeoVegas

Have you ever played online casino games? If you haven’t, then you can get started with the mobile app of LeoVegas which is one of the most trusted and popular online casino platforms in not just India but also abroad.

LeoVegas offers all kinds of games like slots, poker, and jackpots, and it’s currently offering a massive sign-up bonus of 30,000 INR to Indian users. It’s also added a host of new features like live monopoly, summer tournaments, etc. which you should definitely check out.

2. RunPee

Admit it- there has been at least one time when you were in a movie theatre and unknowingly chugged a whole large Pepsi only to be troubled by this strong urge to pee during the movie. This is often an embarrassing situation that leads to a dilemma- go to the bathroom and risk missing out on an important scene in the movie or hold the pee until the interval and withstand the pain and agony. Fortunately, there is this app called RunPee that’s perfect for situations like these.

RunePee is a mobile app that can tell you the perfect time to go to the bathroom during a movie so that you don’t miss any action even when you are away. What’s more, it can share a synopsis of the scenes that you missed so you don’t need to ask others about the story later.

3. Pet First Aid-Red Cross

One of the things that true dog lovers can relate to is having an instant connection with their furry friends. If you also love your four-legged friend a lot, then then you will appreciate the app Pet First Aid. It’s an amazing app that can provide sound veterinary advice on the fly and help you take care of your
pets no matter where you are.

The following are some of the things that make Pet First Ait a must-have for pet lovers:

  • Early warning sign checker for preventive care
  • Easy-to-follow guide for various kinds of medical emergencies
  • Locations of nearby vet hospitals and clinics
  • “How to” videos for common stressful situations that require
    professional help including CPR

4. Wakie Voice Chat

In this age of instant messaging and social media that are heavily based on text-based communication, Wakie Voice Chat is a breath of fresh air. It’s a social networking app with a focus on voice calls, and it’s awesome!

With Wakie Voice Chat, you can create any topic you are interested in and it connects you with someone who is likely to have a good conversation with you on the same. They can be located anywhere in the world and can be connected to you as long as they speak your language. Interesting, isn’t it?

5. Fake Call- Prank

Have you ever found yourself trapped with an obnoxious person who is unwilling to let you free even after you have given so many cues? Or maybe you want to prank someone so bad. Either way, Fake Call can help!

As the name suggests, Fake Call is a mobile app that you can use to initiate a fake call. You can set a time and the app can trigger a call on your phone for that. The call looks completely genuine and can carry the details you want-caller name, number, image, etc.

There are millions of mobile apps on popular stores like Google Play and iTunes today. So, it’s next to impossible to learn all about them, and you don’t really have to either. The 5 that are shared above are only some of the few less-known ones that you can benefit from. So, be sure to check them out today



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