5 Amazing Travel Gadgets Every Adventurer Needs

Going on an “off-road” adventure may require a different approach to packing. How so you might ask? Well, these sorts of travels come with certain risks and being able to anticipate them can spare you the potential troubles and in some cases even save your head. Whether you plan on exploring vast jungles, arid deserts, mountains or other remote environments, the goal is the same – be prepared and properly equipped for the endeavour! So to help you gear up with useful accessories, here is our list of 5 amazing travel gadgets every adventurer needs.

Two-way radios

If you are travelling with a partner or group, this little gadget will keep you all in contact wherever you may roam. Long-range walkie talkies come in a variety of styles and an even greater number of features. The best two-way radios offer sufficient signal range, the ability to alternate between channels without interferences, adequate power supply for transmitting and receiving messages, access to weather information, waterproof properties, and extra weight for endurance. Satisfy all these parameters when shopping for this gadget and you are guaranteed to always remain in touch with your entourage, for the better or worse.


Space savers

Did you ever wish that your travel bag is bottomless so you can pack without worrying that you’ll run out of space? Well, there is a way to tackle this issue and it is called: space savers! Having a compact approach to packing can do you wonders, especially if you plan on travelling for months on end. Smart compression cubes allow your bag to remain organized, easily accessible, and rid of excess volume. All you have to do is pack the cubes as you normally would before closing the secondary compression zipper – and that’s it! You are set for your road.

Thirst quencher

You have probably heard about these bottles, which allow you to drink H2O from questionable freshwater sources around the globe. And it is true, they are very efficient in supplying you with safe drinkable water wherever your road leads you. Powered by a rechargeable USB battery, this gadget uses UV light to filter 40 0.5 l of waters on a single charge. Not only is this gadget environmentally sound because it reduces the need for single-use plastics, but your wallet will also feel the benefits in the long run.

Solar power rechargers

Outdoor adventures aren’t particularly known for access to outlets but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring one with yourself. Recharging kits keep your electronics running longer thanks to a lightweight power supply which is fuelled by solar panels. Pocket-sized portable rechargers are a perfect companion for long hiking trips or excursions into the wilderness. They make sure you can make those amazing photo shots anywhere you roam and keep those favourite tunes pumping in your earphones.


GPS watches

These gadget watches are so much more than your typical timepieces. Besides telling time, they include various useful features to keep you oriented and prepared in advance, such as tracking apps, health monitoring, weather forecast, and, of course, GPS. Let your watch do the bulk of the work while you just keep on keeping on with your adventure. Additionally, give yourself a peace of mind because these discreet smartwatches can also issue SOS warnings in case something goes wrong.