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5 Absurd Reasons Why Bollywood Should continue making Remakes Instead Of Original Content

From remaking films like Drishyam 2, Shehzada, Vikram Vedha, and Mili to borrowing plots from South Indian movies and Hollywood, Bollywood seems to be too absorbed with making remakes and reboots.

Bollywood Should do more Remakes 

Bollywood was known as the ‘big daddy’ of the Indian Film industry for setting trends with its scripts, songs, and fashion sense. But now, it seems that the Hindi film industry’s creative brainiac is finished as they move more and more towards remakes.


While some may think this is absurd, in some way, the situation looks to bring a few great benefits for ‘us as an audience’. Here are four explanations why Bollywood should keep doing more remakes instead of original content: (Source MensXP)

Saves our Money 

If it’s a remake of any other Tamil or Telugu film which we have already watched, it’s no point spending hundreds of bucks just to watch it again. As the OTT is growing at a rapid pace, people have better access to regional cinema which means remakes don’t have the same appeal anymore. Instead of watching it on the Big Screen, it’s better to wait for a movie’s OTT release to watch it at a fraction of the cost of a theatre ticket.

Good Directors will shift to OTT

Bollywood has always been introducing good directors in the past to showcase its movie-making skills. If theatrical releases are too occupied with remakes and old stories, good directors will move towards OTT which allows them to take more risks and find their own audience. This will benefit the audience also as they who’d rather watch quality content at a more reasonable price.


Saves Our Time

Earlier, it was all about spending our time in front of the screens for entertainment. We’d watch movies to pass time and spend a good amount on sources of entertainment. If Bollywood keeps doing these remakes at this pace, we might finally give up the screens and find other hobbies to focus on.

Nepotism will Stop

Not just with the contents, the industry has now become synonymous with Nepotism. The majority of the actors and actresses making headlines are nepo-kids. None of them had to prove themselves to achieve the stardom they have reached now. And surprisingly they are all too busy making remakes rather than original content. This will eventually start to weaken Bollywood and if unchecked will ultimately destroy these so-called ‘stars’.

Bollywood destroying itself

Every second song and movie in Bollywood is turning out to be a remake. The lack of understanding between the producers and the audience is killing the industry. People will gradually move their focus to other industries in the country for good content. This situation can be described in a poetic way-“apne paer par kulhaadi maarna (shooting yourself in the foot).”