46 Wildfires Reported In Uttarakhand; More Than 50% Of Wildlife Species In Danger

Courtesy: Scoop Whoop

Since the last four days, at least 46 Wildfires have been reported in the state of Uttarakhand. Rise in mercury levels are said to have been the main reason for the forest fires.

2020 has already been a difficult year for the country

With the COVID-19 crisis and Cyclone Amphan already disrupting the morale of the country, the wildfires in Uttarakhand has further added more problems to the concerned authorities.


More than half of wildlife species in danger

As per reports, the state has already lost almost 51.42 hectares of forest land, a figure that is huge for a small state like Uttarakhand. It is said that even the forest department has been hit hard by the fires, as they have reportedly incurred a loss of 1.32 lakhs till now.

21 instances of forest fires have been reported in the Kumao region alone, making it the worst-affected spot due to the incident.71.05 repository of herbs and wildlife diversity are said to have been affected.

While plenty of individuals from India responded to the Australian Forest Fires a couple of months ago, few of the Twitter users pointed that none of them have shown concern to the issue in India so far.


One of the forest officers also posted a video and showed the extent to which the fires have spread in the state. The officer also mentioned the difficulties they are facing due to the incident.