‘40% Commission Road’; A man From Gulbarga Exposes The Reality Behind ‘Newly Constructed’ Roads

A new video is going viral on Twitter where a man from Gulbarga, Karnataka is seen plucking the newly constructed road with his bare hands. He alleges the government for using low-quality materials for constructing the roads in his village.

40% commission charge

The “40% commission” charge has again come to haunt the BJP-led government in Karnataka. A video is now going viral on the internet exposing the reality of constructing the roads in the state.


The video is from Chengta village in Gulbarga where a man deliberately tries to pluck the road with his bare hands and ‘surprisingly’ the low-quality tar comes out easily. In the video, the man says, “Watch this, how easy it is coming off. I don’t know who constructs these kinds of roads. If you want to do the job, do it sincerely or let it be.”

Here’s the video:

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