4 Things To Consider Before Taking A Vacation In Turk And Caicos

source: turksandcaicosreservations

Are you planning to have the most luxurious trip of the year? Then, here are the four things to consider before visiting the beautiful Island of Turks and Caicos. These tips will surely make the most out of your trip on this captivating island.

1. The Cost

The island is located in the heart of the Caribbean, so you should expect that necessities are higher compared to urban areas. As you may know, the Caribbean Sea has one of the most expensive Islands in the whole world.


Not only that some hotels are a bit pricey, but the tours, transportation, food, and beverages are all expensive as well. Some hotels can be very luxurious because it can cost you as high as $3000 to $4000 per night for an oceanfront suite.

Overall, because of the exceptional services and amenities like luxury accommodations and fine dining experience, these Turks and Caicos villas offer, higher costs are inevitable. However, the privacy, peace, and tranquility the resorts offer are worth every penny you spend.

2. Climate and The Seasons

Turks and Caicos weather has a sunny and dry tropical climate that has an average of 70°F up to 80°F. The weather on this island is always bright. So, you don’t need to worry about storms. But based on the locals’ testimonies they rarely experience an actual hurricane in the island, but according to some weather researches, small hurricane occurrences are pretty standard on the other part of the island. If you want to have the perfect trip, avoid traveling from June to November. Because according to weather researches, small hurricanes might occur on the island during this month. And the peak season is the month of late November to March since most of the countries are experiencing a winter season. Keep in mind that the island’s activities will vary depending on the season.


3. Transportation

At the airport, several taxi drivers are waiting for guests to utilize their services. If personal space is your priority, then you may choose to have a private car service. Taxi rides are particularly expensive because most taxis charge per person contrary to time and distance.

For example, a quick trip from the hotel that’s less than 10 minutes ride can cost you up to $20 (one way only). If you plan to rent a vehicle, keep in mind that most of the cars drive on the left side. Moreover, if you love bike riding, the flat terrain is perfect for you. You can ask your Turks and Caicos villas attendant if they offer bikes.

4. Beautiful and Breath-Taking Attractions

One of the best attractions you can see from the island is the beaches. Well, what else can you expect from the third biggest coral system in the whole world? Indeed, Turks and Caicos have the cleanest and purest beaches in the world. The water has a brilliant color of turquoise that matches the soft and bright white sand. You can go snorkeling and scuba diving, as well, to unravel the hidden marine treasures under the sea.


Ensure to remember these tips so you can have the most memorable Caribbean trip in your lifetime!