If you think you can finish 4 Foot Long Masala Dose then Head To These Two Places in Bengaluru

long masala dose

Dose is an ecstasy for South Indians and when it comes to Bengalurians, a day is incomplete without it. We all have our own favorite Dosa places in the city and have all tasted the Dose’s and shared our love for this super-awesome breakfast item of India, right? However, there is a twist. In the city with bustling Dose points, you might have tasted varieties of it but this one is monstrous. Yes, it is a 4 foot long Masala Dose and literally, it looks gargantuan. Can you finish it all on your own? Ah, we don’t think so. In either case, here are the two food points you got to explore.

Bharathi Dose Camp – Shivajinagar

Bharathi Dose camp might be just another food point but it is recommended for its monstrous 4 foot long Masala Dose. It will be ghee-soaked and full of crispy goodness which is termed as ‘Family Dose’. If you are an ardent Dose lover and have a Big stomach enough to gobble this giant then this place is a must-visit.

But but, do not go for a joshing challenge. Make a group of friends and attack, because, given the barbarian, it is fun to finish it with friends accompanied. It comes with a red-chilly chutney pasted inside, served with Sambar and Coconut chutney. This 4 feet Dose is priced at Rs.250 but its worth trying once with your family and friends.

long masala dose
Credits – Little Black Book

You have a Mini Version, too!

If 4 foot long Dose looks too big for you then you can go for its Chota Bhai. It is about 2.5 ft long priced at Rs.100, which seems to be Okay but a challenge no less. If not monstrous Dose then you have regular ones like Masala Dose, Onion Dose, Set Dose priced at Rs.30. Kesari bath tastes heaven and so, do not miss it.

long masala dose

Open: 2 PM – 11 PM

Location: 161, Veerapillai Street, Shivajinagar, Bengaluru.

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R K Dose Camp

R K Dose Camp is primarily famous for its 4 foot long Masala Dose and people come from all places, just to try this gigantic piece of taste. Here, it costs Rs.200 and comes with two types of chutney, four cups of Sambar and a plate full of Aloo Palya. Mark our words, one person just cannot finish and four people are must, at the minimum. When it comes to ambiance, it is devastating but Dose’s are super-fine.

long masala dose
Credits – Aanavandi

Open: 6:30 AM – 11 PM

Location: 320, 9th Cross, BTS Main Road, Wilson Garden, Bengaluru.

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