Bengaluru Air Show: 300 Vehicles On Fire, Cigarette Could Be A Cause

300 Vehicles On Fire

Today, Aero India was holding an airshow in Bengaluru to honor the woman achievers. In the show, the first woman pilot Sneha Kulkarni of the Sarang Desai aerobatic helicopter team was to perform. This was supposed to be her second performance in such an event. The five-day air show began on Wednesday and is supposed to end tomorrow.

 300 Vehicles On Fire

But in an unfortunate event happened today afternoon, a massive fire broke out and spread across the parking lot of the air base. It is reported that nearly 300 vehicles have been destroyed in a big fire. The incident happened at about 12.17 pm, while the morning flying display was in progress.

What’s the Cause of the Fire?

As per the officials, the cause of the fire was a cigarette that was disposed on the grass without smothering. The huge cloud of thick black smoke is seen in the sky near the Yelahanka air base in north Bengaluru. Around hundred aircraft are parked for the biennial Aero India 2019 event in this airbase.

 300 Vehicles On Fire

According to senior police officer MN Reddi, the fire spread rapidly due to dry grass and strong winds. Many vehicles that included two-wheelers and cars were parked in the open ground got surrounded by fire.

In a couple of hours, the fire was controlled by firemen and no injuries have been reported so far.

The fire started at gate number 5 of the Yelahanka air force station at around 12.17 PM. Due to the Incident, the air show was suspended and no planes took off once the fire spread. The fire was controlled by creating a gap between the adjacent cars and by moving away from the unaffected vehicles from the fire inflicted area.

 300 Vehicles On Fire

This unfortunate incident comes less than a week after two jets of the Indian Air Force’s Suryakiran Aerobatic Team crashed in a mid-air collision over the air base. In this crash, one pilot had lost his life.

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