3 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Florida Car Accident Attorney

source: labovick

There were 2,922 fatal car crashes in 2017 in Florida. The first action for injured victims of an accident is to seek medical attention. However, the medical bills might be overwhelming, and you might end up being sued for causing an accident, which might cause you a more financial burden. If you are in Florida and faced with questions such as:

● Who’s at fault?
● Who is liable for my medical bills?
● How much should I receive as a settlement?
● Can I request for reimbursement from an insurance company for my lost wages?


The best thing to do is to seek a Florida car accident attorney. The attorney will help you in negotiating the messy and bewildering world of insurance settlement and claims. Here are four reasons that substantiate the need for an attorney in Florida.

1. A Personal Injury Attorney is Knowledgeable

Hiring a qualified Florida car accident attorney means that you will be strictly working with an expert in law and procedural guidelines that directly affect the outcome of your case. The attorney will advise you on statutes of limitations and any special exemptions to them. For example, it may be difficult to file a lawsuit after two years of your car accident in Florida. In this regard, the attorney will advise you of a way around the statute.

Your attorney will also file a suit for you. An attorney will also know how to mitigate any possible defenses brought by the defendants properly. Furthermore, once the proceedings begin, your attorney will play a vital role in preparing you for trial.


2. Your Attorney Will Do the Legal work

You should know that a lot of effort goes into discussing an insurance settlement. Taking all this resource-wasting and time-consuming work is pointless when you can hire an attorney to do it all for you. Car accident attorneys deal with these cases daily. Therefore, they’ve gathered adequate knowledge and experience to deal with yours. They will obtain all the evidence to back your claim. This includes collecting eyewitnesses’ reports and police statements, medical bills and accounts, and more importantly, your lost income information.

Your lawyer will also organize the evidence systematically and write a demand letter to the insurance company. Should your attorney fail to secure the settlement, he/she will look for enough evidence to instigate a court case.

3. Your Attorney will be Your Advocate

The best thing about hiring an attorney is that you’ll not have to move a muscle. Once you provide everything that’s required, your Florida car accident attorney will be your representative every step of the way. The good thing is that the two of you share a common interest- winning. Therefore, they will see to it that you win. Your attorney will be your voice before the benches, other attorneys, or even the jury, ensuring that your account is heard. You will be able to rest easy, knowing that you will be compensated for every loss you incur in the end.


Having a well-versed and competent attorney will guarantee a win for your car accident claim. Ensure you select one that will correctly and effectively be your advocate.