25 Free Iconic Fonts From Movies And TV Shows

We live in amazing days. Back in the day, if you wanted to have the font of a beloved movie or TV show, you had to clean calligraphy to hard-raw it, and it would take hours. Now it’s available for free in multiple modifications and styles.

We made a list of free 30 fonts from iconic movies and shows – you can use them for inspiration for your own design.


1. Spider-Man

This sharp, bold typeface does a great job of adding a touch of Spiderverse to your creative work. It’s also a nice way to excite other superhero fans.

2. Star Jedi Font

The opening text of Star Wars holds a special place in every fan’s heart. With this collection, you can make every text look just like that intro. The Star Jedi font also has rich formatting settings – you can pick between tiny, small, and large letter variations – medium, bold, and even black.

3. Harry Potter

Yet another legendary franchise with a very recognizable font. Fans used to spend hours trying to copy the sharp-angled letters – now the typeface is one click away. Its application is not limited to Harry-Porter related content; the font would look great on logos and merch.


5. The Godfather

An iconic movie, full of class and elegance is known, among other things, for its highly recognizable font. Bold formatting and narrow spacing keep the text neatly organized on the page, making this a great choice for a headline.

6. Naruto

Just a glance at the font is enough for all your childhood nostalgia to kick in. If you weren’t skipping the anime openings, you must remember this typeface in both Original and Shippuden editions. Some fans prefer to draw this calligraphy by hand – just like Masashi Kishimoto does – but why bother? Go ahead and download the ready font, dattebayo.

7. Matrix

The ever-green masterpiece, written and directed by Wachowskis, had many legendary aspects about it. The movie’s font stuck with fans for a long while, becoming an iconic symbol of the franchise.


8. Sopranos

Yet another old-school classics. The TV show that was said to inspire Game of Thrones, has also created one of the most iconic movie fonts ever. Seriously, the decision to style the ‘r’ as a gun is, simply put, brilliant.

9. Game of Thrones

Regardless of your opinion of the very, very controversial last season, the TV show had a lot of highs – maybe, even enough to forget some of its lows. This iconic medievally-styled font is surely one of the best Game of Thrones’ gifts to the world.

10. The Office (American version)

The show used ITC American Typewriter font. It’s not a custom design which means, it can be used even for commercial purposes.


11. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

This show had a cult following back in the day, and now it regained every bit of this popularity. Buffy has been more than just a show, but a generation-defining phenomenon. No wonder its font is one among most recognizable ones. Also, the calligraphy itself is quite impressive.

12. Family Guy

Even without taking into consideration the legacy of the Family Guy episodes, the font on its own is already impressive enough. Round letters have a strong cartoon-ish vibe which makes them perfect for any children-related projects.

13. Bleach

Another shounen-anime from the Big Three on this list. Just as the animation styles of Naruto and Bleach differ a ton, so do the fonts. This typeface is comprised of wide and tall letters, slightly tilted to the left.

14. Batman The Dark Knight

It’s amazing how each superhero has a unique font that depicts the personality of the protagonist. Batman just might be the best example. Curved letter edges and uneven alignment remind you of the bat wings – and of an elusive nature of a Marvel superhero.


15. Doctor Who

Over the years, we’ve seen different variations of Doctor Who’s stylistics. Fonts are the first ones to change, clearly depicting the development of the franchise. You can download all three variations in different color schemes.

16. Battlestar Galactica

This sci-fi show became a sensation a while ago, and while it’s not talked about in mainstream media anymore, fans keep coming back to the masterpiece. It looks like the font is yet another thing that’s criminally underrated about this show. We love the creative choice of a split-contour as well as defined geometric letter shapes.

17. Garfield The Cat

Cartoonish fonts deserve to be a separate font of art. To stand out among usual designs, the calligraphists go the extra mile, experimenting with the spacing and tilts. Garfield’s font is a nice example of a successful combination of multiple experiments which resulted in a memorable custom font.

18. Angel

We already mentioned Buffy on the list, so it would be unfair to pass by Angel – another Joss Whedon’s masterpiece. If Buffy if the show about growing up, this one depicts being an adult – and it’s impressive how clearly fonts depict this change of tone. Angel has an almost official vibe to it, which makes it suitable even for business sites.

19. X-Files

Only a few shows create the kind of impact that this one did. No wonder its font has been in fans’ memories for decades. Even those who haven’t seen an X-Files episode in five years, will at the end of the day recognize its signature style.


20. The Wire

Considered by many to be the best five years of television, The Wire keeps viewers on the edge of their seats even now. Everything was good about this one – its storyline, character development, deep themes, and, of course, font. A very specific lettering style depicts well the tone of the show – and it also fits well with almost any type of logo or T-shirt merch.

21. Breaking Bad

It’s only natural that a chemistry-centered show was hugely inspired by the periodic table. It’s one of the bt fit designs in the history of television. Letters are done in the style of chemical elements, with legit atomic weight and numbers. If you use this font for a while, you might find yourself with a deeper chemistry knowledge.

22. Orange Is The New Black

Even though the TV show keeps the tone lighthearted enough, the main theme is still imprisonment – which is perfectly demonstrated on the phone. The letters’ edges are fading away some places, giving that prison-ish vide to the overall stylistic. Also, isn’t it great how the word ‘orange’ is done in black, and the word ‘black’ is actually orange? The design is a pretty genius.

23. House of Cards

The typeface of House Of Cards is like the show itself – official, elegant, bold. It’s not as recognizable as, say, Game of Thrones, but there is also beauty in that. You can easily use the font for a website, business card, or email – and add a touch of Frank Underwood’s ruthlessness to your working routine.

24. The Walking Dead

The questionable quality of the last show’s seasons can’t erase all the brilliant innovations that it brought to television. The mix of horror, adventure, and raw drama earned the TV show its legendary reputation, but its font might have something to do with it, too. In our opinion, it’s one of the most universal TV show typeface designs – it’ll look good on logos, book covers, and personal projects.

25. 13 Reasons Why

This stylish thin font looks good at any type of content. If you have a web project, you can take this for logo and headline inspiration. Using a similar typeface for packaging will also be a good idea – slender letters bring the premium vibe across. Attracting the fans of the show is an additional bonus.


Using TV shows, movies, and anime for design inspiration is a nice shortcut to developing your signature style. Build connections between the design solutions and the overall tone of the product, and analyze the audience to see which examples fit your projects. Playing with legendary fonts is a fun exercise that develops your artistic vision – and we’ve been glad to pitch in with some fresh examples.