22 Signs You’re A True Blue Bengalurian At Heart (And You Know It!)


I am a Bengalurian and I LOVE BEING ONE!

Yes, I get annoyed when someone addresses Bengaluru as Bangalore. I get even more annoyed when my mornings do not start with filter coffee. Bengalurians are a synonym for adjustment; we adjust with traffic, chaos, potholes, and we even stand for hours to get that one plate of Masala Dose from Vidyarthi Bhavan. Sounds crazy but it is true.

But they are some of the warmest and most loving people on the planet. They are always on their toes to tell you the address and they’ll rush out to help you at any hour. Unlike others, they do not insist you to talk in their native language. Instead, they learn your language and you end up not learnings theirs. You don’t have to be a born Bengalurian but the city makes you one. Just that if you possess these 23 Traits, you’re already a true blue one at heart!

1. You eat Idli and Dose at least 3-4 times in a Week.

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2. Only you can get the difference between Dip and Separate.

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3. Chitranna is your favorite dish but you never reveal it.

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4. You thoroughly know what Wonandaff is and you’re not happy with it.

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5. Only you know that Silk board is a traffic signal and you never wish to get stuck there.

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6. You had been to Nandi Hills for 1,99,999 times and you have not got bored of it.

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7. You are used to attaching the word ‘Namma’ to everything; Namma Bengaluru, Namma Metro, Namma Auto, Namma Traffic. LOL.

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8. You are not a Late-Night foodie. Maybe, you were.

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9. Happiness for you is this.


10. You know the art of driving in Traffic and you’re proud of it.

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11. You don’t talk without using the slangs like Guru, Maga, and Maccha.

Credits – Giphy

12. You’re an RCB Fan for the Life time. #EeSathiCupNamde

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13. If you count then you should get at least of Rs.20- 50 from BMTC conductor which he owes you as a change.

signs you are a Bangalorean
Credits – NIE

14. You’ve already applied for a Loan to buy a Boat to travel in Bengaluru rains.

Credits – Tumblr

15. You always say Sir as Saaar.

16. You’re Super Proud of Bengaluru’s climate and you just love it.

Image Credits – The Better India

17. You know how Beautiful the Bellandur snowfall is. LMAO!

Credits – India Today

18. Have you been to Abroad? Just try traveling from Rajajinagar to Whitefield.

Somewhere in Whitefield.

19. Only you know the happiness of Work from Home.

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20. You are used to Bandhs and are thankful to Vatal Nagraj.


21. You already know that minimum Rent for 1 BHK house is Rs.7k and the advance amount is Rs.50k.

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22. If Rest of the World lives on Oxygen then you live on Idli, Dose, and Ragi Mudde.

Video of the Day – 10 Signs that you are living in Namma Bengaluru


Now, say. Are you a True Blue Bengalurian?

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