“2 Problems and 2 Solutions”, SS Rajamouli brings the Mantra for Bollywood

Filmmaker SS Rajamouli has talked about the Hindi film industry and how ‘corporates coming into’ the field and paying ‘high fees to actors, and directors’ has reduced their need to succeed ‘at any cost’.

SS Rajamouli brings the Mantra

RRR and Baahubali franchise director SS Rajamouli has spoken about Hindi cinema and the key component to making a popular film. In a new interview, the director said that a ‘connect with the audience’ is important. Rajamouli also said when the corporates ‘started coming into’ the Hindi film industry and paid ‘high fees to actors and directors’, the hunger to achieve has come down.


Speaking about the South film industry, the 49-year-old said that such a scenario doesn’t exist there as they ‘have to swim or sink’. He added that they shouldn’t get arrogant now that they have ‘good business’.

2 Solutions

Speaking with Film Companion, SS Rajamouli stated, “I don’t think there will be any secret formulas. Two things I would say are, basically having a connection with the audience and not getting too comfortable. If you get too comfortable, you will get too arrogant. If your film is doing good business at the moment of announcement then you tend to get complacent.”

2 Problems

He also says, “2 things happened to Bollywood in a decade. Firstly corporates started coming into the Hindi field. and they started paying high fees to actors, directors, and companies. Second: The need to, ‘I have to succeed at any cost’, has come down a little bit.”


“Here, down south, that was not there. You have to swim or you are going to sink. Now it has shifted here. Now, we shouldn’t get complacent. We have good business. If we get complacent and the hunger goes down then it’s going to go the other way. To have the connection with the audience, to always have an understanding of what are they wanting, I think is important,” the RRR director adds.