Here’s Why ‘1522 – The Pub’ Is One Of The Most Popular Hangout Joints in the City

1522 the pub

Bengaluru has its share of well-known and popular pubs. The city has a good nightlife and a very good pub culture. Over a couple of years, this trait has been highlighted further. Our city is also known for its parties, DJs, dance floors and drinks. It’s no surprise that Bengaluru has the highest number of pubs in India. You will be hard pressed to find a more friendly and refined crowd anywhere else. One of the most famous pubs in Bengaluru is 1522- The Pub. In this article, we shall put the spotlight on this popular hangout.

Fall in Love with the Ambiance

The ambiance in 1522 joints takes you to a different era. The décor and lighting are psychedelic and eye-catching. The rooftop pub in BEL road is one of the best restro-bars you will find in the city. The cozy and laid back ambiance of the Koramangala branch is also much loved by youngsters. The pub at Malleswaram has the retro look which the regulars have loved all these years. Irrespective of the location, the pub is always warm, inviting and is an amazing place to hang out with friends. Here, you will find well-mannered crowds and efficient staff.

1522 the pub

What’s Special!

The food here feels like ambrosia. The pub is perhaps one of the most-preferred gastropubs in the city. The diverse menu has some really fabulous dishes which are piquant and flavourful. The zesty flavors here stimulate all your taste buds. The drinks here are also famed and known for the amazing mixes. Some of the favorite dishes here are the Devils Chicken, Pasta, Chicken Wings and Dragon Chicken amongst others.

Apart from these, the joints also make mind-blowing mocktails and pina coladas. Beer lovers will also find that this place is second to none when it comes to Wheat Beer. The cocktails will have you singing and dancing with a nice buzz. Perhaps one of the best features of this pub, the sports screenings here have you cheering alongside absolute strangers for your favorite teams.

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1522 the pub

DJ And Music

The place sometimes has live music and karaoke which keeps things entertaining. The music here is loud and makes you sing along even before you have downed a couple of shots. The gastro-pub has clearly kept up with the times with its good taste of music that everyone continues to love. The DJs and the dance floor at Koramangala always see happy crowds which are a testament to the success and popularity of the pub.

1522 the pub

A fun experience

A trip to 1522-The Pub always leaves you with a healthy buzz and happiness. Perhaps one of the best thing about this pub is the affordability. It is easy on the pockets with a pint of beer costing about 130 bucks. The average cost for meals for two with alcohol would be around 1400 rupees which are definitely worth every penny.

1522 the pub

The separate smoking zone makes it ideal for those who want to light one after a meal. The nights on Fridays and Saturdays are the best as the pub stays open longer till 1 am. Laughter, fun, happiness, and dancing is synonymous with 1522 – The Pub.

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