15 Signs You Have A Negative Personality And Do You Know About It ?

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Nope!! Just because you woke up with a grumpy mood that doesn’t mean you have a negative personality. We all have moments of anxiety or discouragement and it’s a fact that we have all displayed some signs of negativity, of course, there is nothing wrong in occasionally off days.

But some people out there are just who can’t see the fruits in the trees no matter how many times you try to show them. We probably wonder how these gloomy doomy people exist, yet, these people are all around us and we just can’t avoid them. Here are some signs of such people.



The Selfish fish:

This is the first trait of negativity. Usually negative minded people’s care only about themselves and they just don’t care about anything else and some people out there knowingly does this!


According to them, everything is bad and it happens only to them and they say no one understands what they are going through, they just mean to say everything is only about them, after all!!

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Lies are their biggest truths:

To get your attention and to see in their point of view they can even tell 100 lies.

Big Blamers:

Since whatever happens is others fault even for their own problems they just keep blaming others for their own circumstances.


Own perspectives:

They just have their own perspective, even when you wanna share about that big dream job/project to them, they make it sound all negative with their own perspectives.


They usually believe that the whole world is against them and they are never satisfied with their lives and so they keep complaining even about the little things in their life.

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Negative people are never optimistic, they always imagine that something/everything will go wrong anyway!


Negative thoughts:

They will never say good/positive words about others, it will always be like yeah that’s right….. But! With a negative thought.

Lack of success:

Sure there are many more reasons for success in one’s life but negativity is the biggest reason for lack of success. If one can’t see positivity in life means they just can’t achieve anything.

Boring routine:

Without any excitement or positivity in life, they tend to have a boring routine with all the anxiety and discouragements as if all the problems in the world is on their head!

Judging others:

No matter how good a person is, these negative mindset people keep judging them.

Energy dwellers:

With the negativity all around them they are incapable of producing any positivity, ultimately being with them make you physically and emotionally tired and you will lose all your energy.

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Less experience:

They hardly would like to experience happiness and with their negative minds they will never follow a passion or they will never try to experience the joy around them.


The biggest enemy is their fear to experiment. They just don’t move out of their comfort zone, they fear discomfort and failure in trying new things.

Negativity and worries:

Even when everything is going well, they fear things going wrong with their negative mindset. A negative person hardly looks into his happiest side.

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In life, there is always a good thing and bad thing, but what matters is how we take it and how we experience it. A positive person always finds a way while the negative person will be stuck with their problem and negativity for that problem.

None can transfer negative or positive thoughts in one’s mind, it’s surely not our job to fix them. But we can just focus on our own happiness and positivity around us, who knows, it might even inspire a negative person in their own way.

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