15 Gangster Movies In Kannada That You Cannot Afford To Miss

Gangster-Drama is one genre that can be very pleasing. Showing sharp action scenes, and the realities of the underworld, for the common man, such movies can be very entertaining.

Sandalwood, too, has delved a lot in this genre. However, very few have become successful, and the ones that became triumphant went on to make a good name too. In this article, we list out 15 Kannada gangster movies that you cannot afford to miss.



As much as Om is the story of a single character and his love-life, the majority of the obstacles in the movie come through the Bengaluru underworld. There are plenty of real-life references, and here is where Upendra managed to bring authenticity to the film.


Although Jogi, at the core, is a movie that revolves around the relationship between a mother and a son, the bulk conflicts in the story come through its underworld setting. Gangs, in a bundle, get a look-in in this movie, which was one of the highest-grossers when it released back then.

Aa Dinagalu

It happens to be just a page in the history of Bengaluru underworld, but Aa Dinagalu has the characters and sequences which defined rowdyism in the city. Like so many other movies, the problems in this film as well comes through the notorious characters from the famous gangs of Bengaluru.



Well, this movie needs no introduction whatsoever. A film that traverses through the gangs of Mumbai, Bangalore, and then to KGF, the Yash-starrer is a wholesome feast for the fans of this genre. That there is a second part in the offing is all the more thrilling for the viewers.

what happens in kgf 2


A roaring comeback that occurred to Srimurali, Ugramm is one of the most loved films by the Kannada audience. The film had plenty of scope for gangs, with a fictional gangster-town itself becoming the crucial prop in the movie.


Kaddipuddi explored gangs and rowdyism from a different perspective. Told from the viewpoint of an ex-don who wanted to start life afresh, the movie focussed on the perils and perks of being in the underworld.


Deadly Soma

A crime biographical movie, Deadly Soma, was about the rise of the don from his education days to the cusp of the underworld. For the way the entire story was executed, this movie was critically acclaimed. The film did well at the box-office too.


Kariya is a love story set in the gangster world. Directed by Prem, and starring Darshan, the movie was a huge hit at the box-office. A not-so-famous sequel of the movie came out from a different team, but the impact was nowhere close.


Another small story in the Bengaluru underworld, Edegaarike is about a hitman who decides to start his life afresh. However, his boss is unhappy, and hence, he orders the murder of the hitman.



One of the recent films in this genre, gangs play an important role in this movie. Notorious gangsters Daali and Chitte headline the antagonist group, while there is also the influence of politics, and police in this neatly conceived drama.


Suri’s breakthrough cinema Duniya was a trailer into what he was planning later on his career. This film was about an innocent couple that gets stuck in a gang war, and how they resort to drastic decisions to get themselves out of it. Duniya, when it released, was appreciated from all the quarters in Sandalwood.


Unlike the other gangster-stories where the motive was mainly money and power, the gangs in Dandupalya, as you may well know, are different. There is a bit of a psychic twist to the lead actors, which adds to the experience of the overall output.

Popcorn Monkey Tiger

Although this movie dealt with the underworld, PMT was majorly a story of the rise and death of a gangster. Nevertheless, the usual ingredients of this genre were present in abundance, in the movie.


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Now, who can forget Byrathi Ranagal and his boys? One of the most loved gang-leader ever, hopefully, we can see a full movie based on this character. Talking about the movie, Mufti was based on the dilemma of a honest police officer in eliminating a good Samaritan-don.



The film might not have done well, but if you are a fan of this genre, then Bettanagere is a must-watch. The movie is based on the circumstances which force two cousins to take up rowdyism, and how later on, they become arch-rivals in the underworld.