15 Bengaluru Things Explained in One Line and They Are Just to the Point

bengaluru things

Bengaluru is love and in true sense, we have embraced all the highs and lows of it. Be it the beauty of awesome weather or the irritating traffic. It is a dream city for many. The city houses World’s best IT companies and food, every street has something special to offer. It is a town of many cultures and people here are so adoring that they answer you in the language you ask. You seldom feel home sick here and to that extent Bengaluru has come close to our hearts. By now, you all might have used to typical ‘Bengaluru things’ and in this context, we have related few of them to English quotes and the results are too hilarious. Check them out.

15 Bengaluru Things related to English Proverbs

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

That’s the only option you have.

Bengalruru things
Image Credits – The hindu

Don’t judge a book by its cover.

If you do so then you’ll miss the real taste of good food.

bengaluru meme
Image Credits – Better India

If you play with fire, you’ll get burned.

Never ever mess with Bengaluru Police.

Bengalruru things

The Question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who’s going to Stop me.

Do you have a Dare? #BMTC

bengaluru fun

It’s better to give than to receive.

No Comments! #BMTCConductor

Bengalruru things
Image Credits – unrealtimes

All publicity is a Good Publicity.

Indira Canteen Indeed.

bengaluru meme
Image Credits – Indian express

East or West, Wonendaff is the Best.

Government should declare this as the official tagline of Bengaluru Autowalas.

Bengalruru things
Image Credits – hobbadey

Things change, people change and I also Change.

Bengaluru climate is just beyond Prediction.

bengaluru fun
Image Credits TOI

If you fall, scream louder. Never give up, and rise up against the odds.

May God give you all power. All hails to Bengaluru Potholes.

Bengalruru things
Image Credits – Youtube

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Eat, Drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die.

The Innervoice of Bengaluru pubs and bars.

bengaluru meme
Image Credits – Thrillophillia

Fortune favours the brave.

A Quote by Silk Board Junction.

Bengalruru things
Image Credits – lequirk

Go the extra mile!

It’s our own Bellandooor (Bellandur)

Bengalruru things
Image Credits – Indiatimes

It’s the early bird that catches the worm.

All my life I am trying to be that Early Bird. #ITLife

bengaluru meme
Image Credits – Socialism.in

Money isn’t everything.

The Inner voice of MG Road and Brigade road.

Bengalruru things
Image Credits – Pinterest

No news is Good news.

This goes to Bengaluru Roads and the Make over of Flyovers.

Bengalruru things
Image Credits – NewIndianExpress

Hope you enjoyed the ride of these Bengaluru Things. If you have anything to say then please contribute your words in the comments below.

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