13 Smart Kitchen Tricks

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Kitchens are the places where people (mostly women) spend a long proportion of their time. There are
many simple tricks that can reduce one’s effort and time required to work in a Kitchen. The following are
thirteen tricks that we find might save your time and effort in the kitchen.

You can make your kitchen jobs easy by applying these tricks and hacks. We have gathered this piece of
information by doing our own research and talking to some of the kitchen experts. So, let’s find out which hack gonna help you in your kitchen. Don’t forget to share your views in the comments section below.

Smart Kitchen Tricks and Hacks for saving time and effort.

1. Using Vegetable Slicer for making fruit salad:

A vegetable slicer is usually used for cutting vegetables into pieces for cooking purposes. One can use the slicer to make a fruit salad by placing the slicer above a bowl, then slicing the fruits through the slicer into the bowl resulting in a perfect, ready to serve fruit salad. Just whip some cream and the sauce of your choice.

2. Using a straw pipe as an alternative to a juicer:

For some fruits like orange, one can use a straw pipe instead of juicing each unit through a juicer machine. The method is simple, just create a very tiny hole by using a knife, insert the straw directly into the fruit (orange, for example). Sip your fresh juice directly through the straw.

3. Removing seeds from fruits (like dates and strawberry etc.):

Eating a date is sometimes hard when the seed directly hits your teeth while eating, there’s a very efficient way to remove the seed before eating, just use a straw; insert the straw from one end and apply some force this will remove the seed from the other end. Enjoy your dates or use them for making a delicious milkshake in a blender. A similar method can be used for strawberries and other such fruits.

4. Vinegar & Water mixture for cleaning microwave:

Cleaning a microwave is a tedious and time-consuming process with all the sticky food alongside the walls. Simply put a glass filled with a mixture of water and vinegar in the microwave and microwave it. The mixture will create steam which will remove all the sticky food particles now you can easily wipe your microwave clean. Microwave and other similar kitchen appliances like the smart roti maker Rotimatic need proper cleansing of its removable parts for proper working.

5. Orange candle:

Got a party or a dinner date at your house? We have a great idea for you. You can use orange to make a candle that will not only amaze your guests but also will give a great look to your preparation and will create a beautiful ambiance. Start by slicing the orange into half cutting it horizontally, i.e. perpendicular to the stem of the orange. Remove the inner (eatable) part of the orange carefully leaving the inside of the stem intact (the part which attaches the crust of the orange). Now it should look like a little bowl, pour some oil preferably olive oil in it. Light the inside of the stem and it will now serve as a decorative candle.

6. Getting rid of the sticky material in your measuring cups:

Tired of your measuring cups getting a lot of sticky material on its walls all the time? Get rid of the issue simply by using some cooking oil. With your clean finger apply some oil on the inner walls of the measuring cup, now you are free to measuring anything without worrying about sticky particles anymore.

7. Peeling ginger with a spoon:

Worried about peeling off ginger? You can use a simple spoon to just scrap off the peel which is a very easy task as the peel is very thin. You won’t be needing any special tools for this, and it’s a very fast process.

8. Rapid ripening of fruits using paper bags:

Bought some fruits which yet are not ripen completely? Worry no more! Place the fruits like kiwi, apple, and avocado in a paper bag and fold close the paper bag. The ethylene gas will catalyze the fruit ripening process and ripe your fruit in no time. On the other hand, in the case of bananas, you can use a somewhat similar and opposite technique to prevent them from ripening too fast. Just cover the stems of the bananas in plastic bags which will help the bananas to stay yellow for a longer period.

9. Using eggshells to remove eggshells:

What’s the most annoying thing in the process of breaking eggs? The eggshells getting stuck in the white part of the egg! The problem is mostly faced by people who bake a lot. The easiest way is to keep a small piece of the eggshell with you and use it to remove the eggshells which are stuck in the egg white, as the eggshells easily attract other eggshells making it very easy to remove them where they are not needed. For more kitchen hacks like this, you can follow this facebook page.

10. Get rid of the slippery cutting board:

Love to cut your vegetables on the cutting board? But the slippery behavior of cutting board on the kitchen shelves is getting on your nerves, worry not anymore. Just place a slightly wet piece of cloth under the cutting board and it won’t budge anymore.

11. Separating yolk of an egg from the white part

Working on a special recipe that requires a lot of eggs without yolk? Worried about removing all the yolks? No need to worry anymore this little trick will save you a great deal of time and stress. Simply use a plastic bottle, compress the bottle a bit with the help of your fingers place the opening part on the yolk and release the pressure from the bottle it will instantly suck the yolk away from the white without affecting the white even a bit.

12. Making chocolate sprinkles easily:

Need to sprinkle chocolate over desserts? Just use a fruit peeler to scrap chocolate which will create even and smooth sprinkles for serving your desserts.

13. Making Chapati faster:

Tired of the tedious process of making a Chapati (Roti). There are now automatic Rotimatic, or one might say “Roti making machines”. No need to create dough from flour then cooking it. Instead, just buy a roti making machine that will do all the work for you. Just put dry flour inside and it will create a complete cooked roti for you, the interesting part is you can also set the properties of the roti according to your requirement. If you don’t have a rotimatic yet you can buy it online from various sources. Don’t forget to check some best Rotimati reviews on the web before buying.



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