13 Popular Kannada Movie Titles Which Fit Perfectly For The Biopics Of These Celebrities

Biopics are the new fad in the movie industry! But, what if popular Kannada movie titles are used for the biopics of these famous personalities? In this article, we take a look at a few such interesting possibilities. 

Googly – Anil Kumble

The best spinner that India has ever produced, Kannadiga Anil Kumble finds the perfect title for his biopic in his home state itself. The Yash-starrer is the perfect title to depict the most famous trick of Kumble – The Googly!


Kaddipudi – Ajay Devgan

The face of ‘Paan’ in India – Ajay Devgan, thanks to his countless commercials, can suit well in a biopic titled ‘Kaddipudi’. Well, Ajay can also ace the remake of ‘Kaddipudi’. What say?

Ayogya – Donald Trump

Self-explanatory it is! Well-known for his antics of the highest level, Donald Trump is a perfect ambassador for this movie title.

Donald Trump (1)
Courtesy: Sky News

Savaari – Narendra Modi

Our Prime Minister is someone who believes in India’s global outlook. Hence, we often see him on foreign trips & hence, this movie title.


source: hindustantimes

Yaardo Duddu Ellamana Jaathre – Vijay Mallya

As of now, it is Bank ‘Duddu’ & ‘Ellamana Jaathre’ in London. This movie can also be a multi-starrer with Nirav Modi as the other lead.

VIjay Mallya (1)
Courtesy: The Quint

Simhadriya Simha – MS Dhoni

The face of Chennai Super Kings, MS Dhoni’s Sandalwood Biopic can not be named anything else apart from Simhadriya Simha.

rcb vs csk

6-5=2 – Alia Bhatt

Once popular for her General Knowledge, maybe, Alia Bhatt would agree to this title! We are not sure how good she is in math though!


alia bhatt

Agni – Virat Kohli

The aggression that we all love, ‘Agni’ would be the best possible title for VK’s Biopic. That beard look and MC, BC’s (instead of G’s & LKB’s) would fit perfectly with the title, and the character inside (especially the latter).

virat kohli centuries

Nishabdha – Manmohan Singh

The former Prime Minister of India has the notion of being a silent spectator to situations in terms of the number of words he utters. Or…refer the next point!

manmohan singh

Daari Tappida Maga – Rahul Gandhi

Despite it has happened several times, Rahul Gandhi is still the numero-uno leader of the Congress Party. And hence, this title for the most popular ‘mother-son’ duo in India.


Bandhana – Janardhan Reddy

Not the ‘Relationship Bandhana’, but the ‘Arrest Bandhana’ is what we are referring to here. The Mining baron was also known for his lavish style inside the jail. 

Sonu Sood – Kotigobba

Truly, he is one in a billion! With so many much more established personalities out there, it is a “villain” who dropped himself to the field and helped resolve the issue of migrant workers, at least to an extent.

sonu sood

Vaatal Nagaraj – Beedi Basavanna

Any sign of protest in the state, Vaatal Anna will be quick to the streets. Frankly, we have seen him speaking more on the roads than any other indoor place.

bandhs of vatal nagaraj