12 Types of RCB fans you will find in every Corner of the World, especially in Bengaluru

types of rcb fans

Royal Challengers Bangalore is not just an IPL team but a true heartthrob of every Kannadiga living in Bengaluru and in other parts of the world. Cricket has always been a craze in this country and with IPL grabbing all the attention, this short Over game has just loaded entertainment, entertainment, and entertainment in the air. With IPL seasons getting bigger and bigger, fans have also become fat and full and one of them is ‘RCB Fans’.

RCB fans are so awesome that every other IPL team wants to have one of that kind. Be it win or loose, RCB always had their fans coming to their support. In this context, over the last ten years, we have been witnessing various types of RCB fans and here we are with the list of them on today’s post.


12 Types of RCB Fans Around Us

#1 Fans who support RCB as it represents their State and the City

Have you ever wondered about the reason behind the craze of RCB fans? The team has never lifted the cup but fans still continue to support and cheer for RCB. Why? It is for a simple reason that RCB represents the state of Karnataka and its capital city, Bengaluru. These people are large in number and it is all because of them, the team is going in full energy and spirit.

types of rcb fans

#2 Fans who support RCB for Virat Kohli and ABD

Literally, these two batsmen were and are the face of RCB and they will continue to be as long as they are a part of the team. Whenever RCB swept the match, there is either Virat Kohli or ABD behind and this is true for most of the RCB wins in the tournament. Now, the team has lost most of its local players and if they loose Kohli and ABD then RCB will definitely fail to keep the loyalty of its fans.

types of rcb fans

#3 Fans who are a hardcore CSK haters

The fight between RCB fans and CSK fans has always been a part of the IPL season. It is so heightened that the enmity has crossed the borders of Cricket to become a news item and a rage in the slot. We have RCB fans trolling CSK and CSK fans trolling RCB, fair enough but let it be in the circle of the game and its spirit.


RCB Fans

#4 Fans who are Possessive

We have fans around who are a bit possessive about RCB and they leave no chance to troll other team’s fans despite the loss and win.

types of rcb fans

#5 Fans who always say Ee Sala Cup Namde (ESCN)

Is there an RCB fan who have not used this hashtag? Every RCB fan must have used this but there are few people who used it to such an extent that the hashtag became viral in a flash.

types of rcb fans

#6 Fans who always defend RCB in one or the other way

These are such hardcore fans that they will never fall flat to defend RCB, be it win or loose. If RCB wins then they will go on cloud nine but in either case, they will find one or the other reason to defend the loss.


Examples: Modalne Match Devrige, Erdane Match Bhoomi Taayige and if they loose on Mumbai then they say, “We gave up for Sachin Tendulkar and etc.”

Post by Praveen Chitapur after RCB Vs MI match.

#7 Fans who are RCB Experts

We all know RCB fans of this kind who have a complete information on RCB’s records, runs hit, sixes smashed and etc. If you want to have a full-on information on RCB updates then you can surely bank upon these people.


types of rcb fans

#8 Fans whose Facebook timeline is filled with Posts related to RCB

Including Me and You, we all have expressed our love and frustration towards RCB on Facebook. These people have posted all the IPL auction updates and I always rely on these people when I don’t get time to watch RCB matches.

#9 Fans who watch only RCB matches

These people are not Cricket enthusiasts but they make time to watch RCB matches. If you ask about Hardik Pandey then they go clueless but they can talk for hours about ABD, Sarfaraz, Pawan Negi, and Umesh Yadav.

types of rcb fans

#10 Fans who are Quite Practical

This is a rare breed of people but we do have practical RCB fans around (Like Me). These people neither defend nor over exaggerate. They just strict on the practical grounds and cheer for RCB in silence.

#11 Fans who will never loose Hope on RCB (#RCB 4LifeTime)

These people should be awarded ‘RCB Ratna’ for their immense support for the RCB team. Their support is purely matchless and they will never ever loose hope on RCB.


types of rcb fans

#12 Fans who support other teams being in Bengaluru and Karnataka

These people cheer for RCB only when they are winning matches. However, at other times, they end up supporting other teams. Jerks! (Sadegalu)

types of rcb fans

So, what type of RCB fan are you? Share with us in the comments below.

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