12 Questions that a Bachelor Should Ask When Renting a House in Bangalore

Home, the one place that heals all the melancholy we carry and save us from being doleful and dejected. Have you listened to the music of soulfulness in your home? Have you experienced the feeling that makes you blow all the languishing thoughts? Home is a magical abode and in the true sense, it is the place where you open up breaking all the norms of the rank and file. Always, a good home is a perfect choice made and so it becomes important to be choosy when renting or buying a home. So, to help you in this regard, we have got some really important questions to ask when renting a house in Bangalore on today’s read.

Important Questions to Ask when Renting a House in Bangalore

#1 How is the area and locality?

I know that it is not an easy task to find a home for rent in Bangalore. However, in a hurry, do not settle for a house in a locality which has a low quality of living or a locality which doesn’t suit your lifestyle. Do your research, talk to neighbors and take around to find and know the area better.


Renting a House in Bangalore

If you are traveling by public transport then check for the nearest bus stop or a metro station. Also, check for the nearby hotels, grocery shops, and hospitals which are again an important thing not to be denied. Are you renting a house in a place which is crowded and noisy? Is the cost of living in the chosen area comes in your budget? Be absolutely sure about all these things.

#2 Is there a 24*7 water facility?

We all know that Bengaluru is hit by the water crisis and in most of the areas, there is no continuous supply of fresh and drinking water. Ask your owner about this and know about the water supply in detail. Is it a Cauvery water or a Cauvery water mixed with hard water or drained from the sump.

Once you are fine with this, know about the water bill. Few owners will divide the water bill among the tenants and few will have a fixed amount and in apartments, it will be included in the maintenance charges. Be sure about this if you do not want to get into the serious water crisis.


houses for rent in bangalore

#3 Is all the power points are in a working condition?

Nothing is worse than moving to a house where there is no proper electrical connection. If you have a LED Tv to place then you will need a power point in your hall. Check for these things. Along with this, ask whether you are getting a geyser and fans from the owner. These things look silly but you should not regret later.

Renting a House in Bangalore

#4 Is all the taps are working?

This is important. Without fail, do a personal check for all the taps in the kitchen, bathroom, toilet, and inform the owner about the breakage before signing the rental agreement. It so happens that owner may put the breakage charges on you while vacating or he/she may ask you to spend from your pocket to fix the things while you are living there. Therefore, it is a good practice to note all these fixes on a paper and get a signature from your owner. Take photos to be on a safer side.

Renting a House in Bangalore

#5 Are you being overcharged?

Aren’t you paying more for what you are getting? If you have a doubt about you being overcharged then enquire with the past tenant about the rent and the advance amount. Have a clear idea and be firm about the financial transactions.


#6 What about Rental Agreement?

On a mandatory note, get your rental agreement done. Be sure that whatever you have agreed upon with your owner is documented on a bond. Do a double check and read the agreement twice before you sign the bond.

#7 Should I pay for painting, cleaning and other things?

90% of owners in Bangalore will cut the painting charges from your advance amount. It is better to know what percentage of the amount will be cut because the price for single coating and double coating are not the same. It is better if this point is mentioned in the rental agreement. Ask your owner to get your house cleaned and get the acid wash of bathroom done from the hygiene point of concern.

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#8 What about the Rent after a Year?

It is a usual practice that your rent will be increased by 5% after a year. Ask your owner about it and try to negotiate if possible. Do not forget to document the same in your rental agreement.


#9 How about Pet and other things?

Know the rules better before you relocate. If you have a Dog or if you have plans to get one sometime soon then there should not be any hindrance to it.

Renting a House in Bangalore

#10 Is there a Parking facility?

Parking is one big problem in Metro cities and so be sure that you have a good space to park your vehicle.

Renting a House in Bangalore

#11 Is there a stronger mobile network connection?

Most people will not check for the network strength and regret later so badly that they end up changing the operator. Nowadays, JIO is a savior. Check for the JIO network.

Renting a House in Bangalore

#12 Is there a proper ventilation?

Few houses lack good light and air. Your owner or broker may show you the home in the dawn and let you do not know about it. Be ensure to ask this question and prefer houses with a good ventilation.


houses for rent in bangalore

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Renting a House in Bangalore

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