12 Laws of Karma One should Know To lead an Undisturbed Life

laws of karma

Karma is a Bitch! – You might have heard or read about this on the Internet or as a Quote printed on T-Shirts. Well, the Word ‘Bitch’ means a Female Dog and in actuality, it has no connection with vulgarity we throw on a particular Man or a Woman. So, Is Karma a Female Dog? Hmm, the usage of word ‘Bitch’ is just a way of personifying the payback effect of Karma. Okay, so can we understand that Karma is something you receive as an action to the things you have given? Is it a Metonym of Cause and Effect formula? Let us know about it and also look at the 12 Laws of Karma in today’s read.

In Sanskrit, the word ‘Karma’ means Action and as science says, ‘For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction,’ Karma oscillates in this circumference. It is said that everything here is pre-destined and one can just be a part of it. When we speak, think or act on certain things, we initiate a force that will react accordingly. The payback is definite however it cannot be modified, changed, or suspended.

Karma can also interpreted in this way. If you believe that life is an energy then this energy is controlled by a certain amount of information. The character you possess is based on the kind of information that has gone into you. This in nutshell can be referred to as ‘Karma.’

As there are laws to maintain an order in the society, there are few Laws of Karma or Karmic laws to keep us empowered in the cycle of Births and Deaths – karma and reincarnation.

12 Laws of Karma

1. The Law of Payback

laws of karma

It is a very simple law that echoes the funda of Cause and Effect. The entire cosmos and the life around us is like pitching a ball on the wall. Whatever we put out in the Universe is what comes back to us. If you expect love, happiness, peace, and tranquility then you should lead your life in the same way – Be happy, peaceful, and loving. Try your best to conduct your life playfully.

2. The Law of Creation

karma in life

Life is a phenomenon and it doesn’t happen just like that. It requires your participation. The second law of Karma states that we are one with the universe, both inside and out. The things we surround ourselves will become a part of us. So, it is our responsibility to keep ourselves in an environment which is conducive to our desires.

3. The Law of Humility

laws of karma

It says that “What you refuse to accept, will continue for you.” Simply put, one should accept the things and embrace the life as it comes. Once it is done then naturally you strive to change the circumstances. Suppose if you refuse to accept that a person is good then no matter what, you continue to hate him. This is a Karma.

4. The Law of Growth

karma in Gita

“Wherever you go, there you are.” This is a law of Karma that says that it is you who is responsible for every good and bad – not the people, places, or the things around.

5. The Law of Responsibility

laws of karma

Do you have a dare to take responsibility for both good and bad that happens to you? No, we take credits only for the good things and continue to credit others for all the bad that happens to us. Karma says, “We mirror what surrounds us – and what surrounds mirrors us.”

6. The Law of Connection

karma in life

The law says that the past, present, and future are all connected. Your today’s hard work will reap your fruits in the future. It says that everything in the universe is connected, both big and small.

7. The Law of Focus

laws of karma

It is all fantasy that a person is thoughtfully omnipresent. Karma says that one can not think of two things at the same time.

8. The Law of Giving

karma in Gita

What we claim to believe must manifest into our actions. If you think your city is not clean and if you believe that Cleanliness is God then put that into action. The law says that a day will definitely come where your belief will be tested against the actions conducted.

9. The Law of Here and Now

laws of karma

The law says that our old thoughts and feelings prevent us from being playful in the present. Thoughts of past will continue to haunt until we accept the things and decide to move on.

10. The Law of Change

laws of karma

Have you heard this – The History repeats. Yes, the law of change is all about that. Life is a full circle and the whole intention of human life is to break the circle and choose a different path altogether.

11. The Law of Patience

karma in life

The Karma says that all rewards require toil. It means, no person in this world is successful without hard work and patience. As Krishna says in Gita, Do your work and leave the results to me, put your hard work and have patience, success will definitely knock. You should remember and understand that people have waited for lifetimes to reach their goals.

12. The Law of Significance

laws of karma

The twelfth law says that the end result is of little value if it leaves little or nothing behind. Simply put, every contribution is a contribution to the whole. How significant you are in someone’s life or what is your significance in this universe? The karma says that your success is of no value if it has left nothing behind.

These are the 12 Laws of Karma one should know to lead an happy and undisturbed life. If you have anything to share about the topic then please contribute your words in the comments below.

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