12 Fascinating and Jaw-dropping facts about NewYork

facts about NewYork

New York, the city of dreams is one of the most beautiful places we have on this globe. The Pride of America is also the highly aspired destination for travelers from all walks of life. Every time you visit New York, it amazes you with its stunning view and leaves you to spell bound with its fanciable outlook. NewYork is not just an another city, it is a place that makes you fall in love with it at your first sight. To the love of this city, I’m here with some fascinating facts about NewYork which I believe you are not aware of.

Interesting Facts about NewYork

Manhattan and American Indians

Manhattan is a borough of Newyork city which is one of the densely populated borough that hosts the United Nations Headquarters. The Island of Manhattan, bounded by Hudson, East, Harlem rivers and other adjacent islands has a spectacular scenic beauty to enjoy. This place has pages of history to talk about but one fact about Manhattan Island that will surprise you is that it was purchased for 1000 USD in modern currency by American Indian people in the year 1626.


facts about NewYork
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Why do we call NewYork as New York?

Have you ever wondered about the reason behind the name NewYork? Well, it so happened that the city of ‘New Amsterdam” was given to the ‘Duke of York’ in 1164 as a birthday present and he has renamed the city to “New York.” So, now you know.

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There are no Wal-Marts in NewYork City

Surprising? Yes, there are no Wal-Marts in NewYork city. When I was looking for the reason, I found this answer on Quora where Mr.Anthony Gosse answers

The current Mayor. Bill De Blasio, has been opposed to Walmart for many years. His position is that the retailer is a killer of good jobs. Unions and community groups have charged that their wages and benefits are too low and would put union supermarkets out of business.


Currently, there are two Walmart’s within driving distance from New York. I don’t think the opposition is so much to the “big box” stores as Costco and others. It is also said that Wal-Marts may take a larger space and parking could be a hassle.

facts about NewYork
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NewYork is all set for World’s first underground park

It is anticipated that by 2018, the World’s first underground park will be set in NY. As per the sources, it will be located on the Lower East side of Manhattan. Bloomberg writes that there won’t be any artificial light but the mirrored collectors will do the magic.

underground park
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1 out of every 21 NewYorkers is a Millionaire

Referring to the data given by Spear’s Wealth Management and WealthInsight, it is clear that the city has 389,100 people with assets worth 1 Million Dollar which is 4.63% of the population. Monaco stands first with nearly 3 out of 10 being a Millionaire.


facts about NewYork
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Dare to Honk in NewYork

If you unnecessarily honk the horn of your car then you may get into some legal issues. Except in an emergency, honking is totally illegal in NewYork city. It is okay to give a gentle push to the fellow rider on your front but that should not be an aggressive sign of road rage.

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Call 311 and get free Condoms

When there is a situation of hesitance to use or buy condoms in places like India, Newyork is offering free condoms and lube. Is there a lesson to learn or it is a matter of culture and getting ashamed of it?

facts about NewYork
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Statue of Liberty

It is quite astonishing to know that the underwater portion of Liberty Island is a part of New Jersey and not NewYork. Liberty Island is the one where the Statue of Liberty sits upon.


statue of liberty
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9/11 attack

The world will never forget the devastating 9/11 attack and the scenes are still fresh in front of eyes. The fact is that in NewYork, nearly 6.5 hectares of buildings were directly affected when there was an attack on Twin Towers in 9/11.

facts about NewYork
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37% of Newyorkers were born in another country

Huffington post reports that there are 3.07 million foreign-born people living in NYC. It is a record made in the last 100 years. The Domain Republic ranks first, followed by China with Mexico in the third position of major countries of origin.

Newyork has the largest Transgender population in the U.S

New York shelters the largest population of transgenders and the number estimates to 25000 in the year 2016. It is a fact and it proves that NewYork embraces people from all walks of life.

NewYork is the city that relies more on the public transportation

NewYorkers, take pride that you are the people who save 1,160 USD/month and 13,926 USD/year by using public transportations. With this, Newyork has set an example to the other developed and developing countries of the world


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Hope you found this article about ‘facts about NewYork’ interesting. If you know any interesting facts about NewYork then please let me know in the comments below.

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