11 Exciting Things about The Villain Movie that no TV Channel has told you before


The Villain, the very first combo of Kiccha Sudeep and Shiv Rajkumar is creating a lot of expectations from the day it is announced. In fact, the entire South India is waiting to witness the grandeur of this movie on the Silver screen. After Jogaiah, Prem and Shiv Raj Kumar are working together and Kiccha Sudeep joining the party has added up to all the expectations. On one end, there is Prem who is known for his blockbusters like Kariya, Excuse me, Jogi and on another end, it is a very first combo of Sudeep and Shiv Rajkumar. I think this is enough for making buffs to go crazy about the movie. In this context, let us know few interesting things about The Villain movie in today’s read.

11 Interesting things about The Villain Movie

The Villain is a 100 Crore Multi Starrer Cinema

Unlike other film industries, we don’t get to see much of the Multi Starrer movies in Kannada. It is quite rare to see two or three superstars coming together for a movie. After a long time, Prem is getting two big names of South India on one screen and fans on both the sides are equally excited. It is said that the budget of this film is estimated to be 100 crores and there is no exaggeration to it.

Primary Film Cast – Sudeep, Shiv Raj Kumar, Sruthi Hariharan, Srikanth, Mithun Chakravarthy, and Amy Jackson.

things about The Villain Movie

Prem’s Tweets:

 The Villain Kannada

Storyline of The Villain

Referring to Shiv Rajkumar’s words in one of the interviews, The Villain portrays the story of good vs evil. It attributes to a philosophy that every person possesses two qualities; good and bad. Based on the situations a person goes through, the respective qualities will punch the clock. The entire film will run on this line and it will be an interesting plot to watch out for.

Interesting things about The Villain Movie

Don’t promote the movie, Kiccha Sudeep warns Prem

The industry has witnessed the promotion and marketing strategies of Prem in his previous movies. He’s a master of it but for Villain project, Sudeep insisted Prem for not to market the movie while it is in shooting stage. Sudeep advised him that it is not right to create an unnecessary hype about the movie during its early stage.

the villain release

Prem dropped the idea of ‘Kali’ and started ‘The Villain’

When Prem announced ‘Kali’ staring Sudeep and Shiv Rajukar, the entire Sandalwood was excited about it. However, Kali didn’t make through the phase of shooting due to various reasons from actors’ call sheet, budget, script, to director’s interest and other situations. Thereafter Prem took his own time to prepare the script and started ‘The Villain’ with the same combo of Shiv Rajkumar and Sudeep.

things about The Villain Movie

Is Tammana a part of The Villain?

We already know that Army Jackson is a part of this movie and most probably she will be pairing with Sudeep. So, who will be pairing with Shivanna? It is said that Prem is looking for Tamanna’s call sheet but nothing has been finalized till date.

Interesting things about The Villain Movie

The Villain is a hattrick combo of Shivanna and Prem

After Jogi and Jogaiyya, Prem and Shiv Rajkumar have come together for The Villain. This is a hit combo in Sandalwood and the way their previous movies enthralled the audience is a phenomenon in Sandalwood.

Throwback: Prem’s first movie ‘Kariya’ was first proposed for Shiv Rajkumar and then, later on, it went to Darshan. For his own reasons, Shivanna had to refuse the script however when Prem asked him for Jogi, he eventually agreed.

 The Villain Kannada

Rs.4 Lakh worth wig for Sudeep?

As per the sources, Sudeep will be wearing a wig in The Villain movie. This is a special wig that Prem has got it done from Mumbai for Sudeep in the movie. As the actor had a change over in his hairstyle for a movie ‘Hebbuli’ and he could not appear in the same style for Villain, Prem decides to go for a wig.

However, by looking at the first look of The Villain, we don’t get to see Sudeep wearing any wig. Is he playing a dual role?

things about The Villain Movie

Is Hamsalekha back with The Villain?

It is said that Prem had approached Hamsalekha to compose music for ‘Kali’. As per the sources, it is expected that Hamsalekha will be continued for ‘The Villain’ as well. However this is not an official announcement from the team but if this happens, we’ll get to hear Hamsalekha once again after a long gap.

This video of Hamsalekha composing tune for Prem has added to the expectations.

The Villain’s first part shooting is completed

The Villain’s shooting is going on in full swing. The team was in Uttara Karnataka and Chikmagalur with Sudeep, Army Jackson, and other crew. This is the first Prem is shooting in Uttara Karnataka and the entire team is excited about it. Presently, Shiv Rajkumar has joined the team for shooting and now the team is in Bangkok.

Satellite Rights sold for a record-setting amount

It is said that The Villain’s satellite record is sold for a record-setting amount. Prem has recently tweeted about this and it looks like it has already filled the producer’s pocket.

Prem’s tweet:

As per the sources, Zee Kannada channel has purchased the satellite rights for 7.3 crores and that is a huge amount. If we look at other movies and their satellite right records, OM stands first (10 crores), followed by The Villain (7.3 Crore) and followed by Doddamane hudga, Ranna, Jaggud dada (5-6 crore).

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First look of The Villain

This is the first look of The Villain and the trailer is expected to be released by the end of 2017.

things about The Villain Movie

So, these were a few interesting things about The Villain movie. How excited you are about this movie? Please let us know in the comments below.

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