We Tried The #10YearChallenge on Namma Bengaluru To See Just How Much Things Have Changed

10 year challenge Bengaluru

It’s 2019 and here is the first challenge of the year which is going viral on the Internet; the 10-year challenge. From past 2-3 days, it is all there on social channels and everyone is just behind it. From individuals, brands to meme pages, 10 Year Challenge is trending and literally has become the talk of the net. In this context, we have tried to see how this city of Bengaluru has changed in the last 10 years. Though we could not be able to cover everything in detail, here are a few things which came on top of the mind.

Population of Bengaluru

Without a second thought, the population has increased. However, when we look at the numbers, it is quite surprising to see such growth just in the span of 10 years. Source 

10 year challenge Bengaluru

Number of Vehicles Registered

With a rise in population, the total number of vehicles registered has also increased contributing to increased traffic. It is estimated that by 2022, the city will have 1 crore vehicles. When the city’s population was 16.64 lakh, back in 1971, the vehicle population was just around 1 lakh.

10 year challenge Bengaluru

Mode Of Transportation

10 year challenge Bengaluru

The Boom Of Startup Culture

10 year challenge Bengaluru

From Green City to Concrete City

10 year challenge Bengaluru

Absolutely needs no explanation

Bangalore to Bengaluru

Till 2014, the city was called as Bangalore. We know that in 2014, the city was renamed to Bengaluru from Bangalore. No, it is actually the other way around. It is not renamed but restored to its original name.

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10 year challenge Bengaluru

Namma Metro

10 year challenge Bengaluru

Fall of Single Screen theatres

Old Theatres Of Bengaluru

The Nostalgic Opera House

10 year challenge Bengaluru

Number of Lakes

Bengaluru was once called as the city of Thousand Lakes. Can you believe it? Today, the situation has become so worse that even in imagination, 1000 lakes is a subject of fantasy. All hail to Urbanisation, the lakes which were the source of life were forfeited and padlocked to curtains.

Bengaluru Lakes

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A few name changes

We have seen that Bangalore airport has now become Kempegowda International Airport. And the city railway station is now called as Sangolli Rayanna Railway station.

But, on a lighter note, few things don’t change. Nandi hill is still the city’s favorite weekend spot. Even today, you don’t easily get a plate of Biryani in Shivaji Military hotel. And, go to any hotel and order Idli sambar, you still have to face the same question – Dip ah Separate ah!

With urbanization and rapid growth in sectors of a different kind, Bengaluru will definitely be going to witness the adverse effect of it (as it is already witnessing). However, as citizens, it becomes our responsibility to keep the city clean and green, so as to make it suitable to live and prosper. That’s the biggest challenge we all have in front of us.

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