10 Work From Home Jobs and How to Get One

work from home jobs

The idea of working remotely comes to mind for every office worker. Unless you are an enthusiastic fan of all the meetings, sync ups, commutes, and fixed schedules. Many things attract employees in home-based jobs. Despite this, not all companies encourage this type of work. Some professions presuppose regular employment in the office or some institutions.

Yet, if you have an opportunity to work remotely or you want to switch to another job, consider several essential things on how to do this wisely. First and foremost, make up your mind about the field and position you wish to obtain. By the way, if you are not good at writing convincing CVs, take a look at professional CV writing service from CraftResumes.com or any similar website. A good-looking resume is essential; therefore, entrust the business to someone else if you feel that writing is not your forte.


A job marketplace evolves together with technological progress. For that reason, working at a distance involves various Internet-related apps and devices. Let us consider some basic and widespread choices of the freelancers. The list below offers some typical home-based jobs you may find interesting for yourself:

1. Call Center & Customer Support Services

Call centers are an excellent option for people of any age! Well, for people from different age groups who have excellent phone skills! Strong communication skill is a must-have skill if you are going to become a top manager. Luckily, there are dozens of companies that are looking for call center employees.

2. Website and App Testing

Media and software companies need good testers to ensure that their product is flawless. You may want to become a pedantic website/app tester. Note that this work requires patience, perseverance, and attention to the details. You may also include a list of interests if these are relevant for the specific sphere.


3. Photo Editing

Professional photographers often have some side jobs that involve their expertise in photo editing. While being a photographer is tightly connected with constant travels, being an editor would be great for the home-birds. Keep in mind that there will be hundreds of other interested people.

4. Computer Programming & Software Development

If you are into IT stuff, you should think about working as a programmer or developer. First of all, you can work remotely from any spot in the world. Secondly, the salary is really good. As a bonus, you have a chance to take part in some risky and challenging projects.

5. Graphic Designer

Well, if you are already working as a graphic designer, you know that an artistic soul needs some space. It is hard to create something stunning when you have to work cooped up inside. Polish your resume, and don’t forget to upgrade your graphic skills.


6. Content and Technical Writing / Editing

Just as in the case with graphic designers, freelance writers appreciate an opportunity to change the work spot. Being a remote writer or editor requires some self-discipline. Consider that this job presupposes an excellent ability to organize your schedule. So, if you like writing, but it takes several days to find inspiration, continue the search.

7. Teaching English

Many native speakers are eager to share their knowledge with foreigners. However, this job requires some degree or certificate in language. In your resume, point out that you are patient, objective, a great listener, and have teaching experience. Surf the Internet to find the best platform for freelance teachers – there are dozens of these.

8. Online Marketing & Sales

E-business is gaining momentum as never before! Many big and small businesses promote their product or services online. If you are good at communication and have an impressive persuasion skill, don’t waste your time! The ability to convince and speak powerfully are two skills attributes to become a marketing guru.


9. Translator

A translator job is, perhaps, one of the most wanted positions. Today, many people tend to learn more than one language in their lifetime. Nevertheless, so many busy people prefer the services of translation agencies. One of the reasons for this is the lack of time. For that reason, do an excellent job while creating your CV. Enlist your experiences, attach some examples of your work if needed.

10. Teacher & Tutor

Nowadays, more and more tutors prefer to carry out their lessons in the online regime. No wonder. You don’t have to spend money on paper books or commuting. Your computer is your classroom. Do not forget to mention all the useful qualities for resume. These can be some volunteering experiences related to pedagogical activities. Also do not forget to add your CV language skills.

As your CV is ready and polished, it’s time for the next stage. Use only popular and reliable platforms for the employees. Read the descriptions of the positions carefully before sending your resume. Thereby, you save your time, as well as recruiters’ time. Even if the company or an employer is looking for an office-based worker, take a shot! People like brave candidates and may accept your desire to work remotely. Make sure you acquire all the must-have skills for the specific position and use a chance.