10 Weekend Gateways of Bangalore for an awesome travel experience

weekend gateways of bangalore

Bangalore is loved for many different reasons. This is not only because of many tourist attraction sites but because of the awesome places a person can visit during the weekends. Furthermore; the city is very rich in culture and heritage. Here we are with an amazing list of weekend gateways of Bangalore.

There are certain criteria a person chooses from when identifying the perfect gateway for the weekend. A person should consider the following; Decent roads, Good resorts or hotels to stay in if the place is ideal for your family members and lastly if the destination is within Bangalore among others.

Weekend Gateways of Bangalore

Bandipur Tiger reserve, Karnataka

This is another wildlife hot spot worth checking out and especially on the weekends. Bandipur Tiger reserve is very famous as it hosts a huge number of tigers. Sounds good, doesn’t it? That’s not all; a person can spot elephants, bears, and deer among others. The best time to visit this spot is during the summer.

Weekend Gateways of Bangalore

Kabinnakad of Coorg

This is a very common spot, especially for the people of Bangalore. Kabinnakad of Coorg is a perfect spot for hiking, bird watching, relaxation. It is suitable for all travelers. However; a bit of physical fitness is required.

2 day trip near bangalore


This is the place to be especially during the weekends. There are numerous activities which a person can engage in. They range from caving, rock climbing and visiting temples among others.Ramanagar offers a perfect atmosphere for families to have a perfect time.

Weekend gateways of Bangalore


Savandurga is roughly 60 kilometers from Bangalore. This is a must visit place for the people who love adventure. This is one day trip thus doesn’t cost a lot of money when planning. Savandurga offers a perfect spot for taking photographs. Secondly; it is a perfect spot for trekking. This place offers a lot of memorable experiences.

weekend getaways from bangalore within 200 kms

Dandeli, Karnataka

A person can make his/her weekends more interesting by visiting Dandeli. This spot is famous for river adventures and kayaking among others. This region is also perfect for a wildlife sanctuary.

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Weekend gateways of Bangalore


Bhadra Tiger reserve

It is not only surrounded by the Bhadra River but also Shola forest. Bhadra tiger reserve is considered one of the most attractive places in entire India worth checking out. Most people consider this spot for relaxation rather than wildlife. It is definitely worth checking out.

weekend getaways from bangalore within 200 kms

Bheemeshwari Fishing Camp

As the name suggests, Bheemeshwari fishing camp is perfect for fishing and adventure. A visit to this spot will get you in a good mood the entire weekend.

Weekend gateways of Bangalore


We are looking at the best beach gateway from Banglore. There are numerous fun activities families can engage in ranging from swimming to picnics.

2 day trip near bangalore


Anthagange offers a perfect spot for mountaineering and Caving. Most Bangaloreans spend their weekends in this spot. There are numerous activities to conduct from this spot ranging from trekking, rock climbing among others.

Weekend gateways of Bangalore


This is a heritage site that houses attractively styled pillars. The architectural design surprises many people. There are also Mural paintings which attract a lot of people all over the world.

weekend getaways from bangalore within 200 kms

So, that is it. Tag your friends in the comments below and let them know about these weekend gateways of Bangalore. Happy Weekend all. Enjoy 🙂



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