10 unrevealed things about Bahubali 2 which will leave you in splits

bahuabali 2

The Bahubali 2 trailer is finally out as most people expected. Posters on this trailer show a gorgeous lady, Devasena pulling a bow alongside Amarendra Baahubali which has made people come up with a couple of conclusions. Here are few unrevealed things about Bahubali 2, which most people are not aware of.

10 unrevealed things about Bahubali 2.



VFX had some errors-The cinematographer of this film stated he wasn’t happy with the quality of computer Graphics images used in the first part of the film. He later added that there were a few mistakes when it came to some sequences. He concluded by stating, they were working on rectifying these problems in the second part of the film.

unrevealed things about Bahubali 2


Bahubali 3 was being discussed. Rajamouli stressed that details would be revealed when the appropriate time comes.



This was the costliest climax ever shot. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? The climax of Bahubali 2 was estimated to cost Rs 30 crore. This is actually double the price of its prequel’s climax shot.

unrevealed things about Bahubali 2



Prabhas and Rajamouli recently appeared in the 2015 Forbes Indian celebrity magazine. They are one of the most paid celebrities in the Indian Film. It was recently revealed that Prabhas earns an income of Rs 20 crore whereas Rajamouli earns an income of Rs 26 crore respectively.


There are photos which leaked on the internet. These photos are assumed to be from the climax scenes. These photos are worth checking out, especially if you love this movie.

bahubali 2 behind the scenes



It is believed that Sony TV purchased all the satellite rights of Bahubali 2 for a record fee of Rs 51 crore.This is actually the highest price for any dubbed film. Sony has never paid such an amount for any regional film to cover just television screening.


A Certain report has revealed that Sivagami switches her loyalty. The report reveals that both Bahubali and Devasena are thrown out after getting married, by the anxious Sivagami. However; the lovely couple continues to be happy next to each other. The people of Mahishmithi kingdom still love them. They always include them in their prayers.

unrevealed things about Bahubali 2



Both Bahubali and Ballaladeva love Devasena. Sivagami requests Devasena to marry his son. From the above information, it is evident that she refuses the request and instead marries Bahubali. This is the reason why she is chased from the Mahishmithi kingdom.


Can you remember some waterfalls scenes in Bahubali? Reports have revealed that such scenes are to be expected in Bahubali 2, especially for a few war scenes. This statement is simply based on rumours. The best thing to do is to wait for the original version.

unrevealed things about Bahubali 2


Lastly, both Rana and Prabhas have been on a very strict diet to help them maintain their character. In addition, they have undergone intense training in martial arts under various instructors from Tuan and Vietnam. These two actors not only look like their character but also look outstanding.


unrevealed things about Bahubali 2
It is believed that Bahubali 2 conclusion is being dubbed in Tamil, Hindi, and Malayalam.Hope you found this article ‘ unrevealed things about Bahubali 2’ interesting. With all eyes on the release of Bahubali 2, this movie will definitely take Indian cinema to the next level.