10 Unheard stories of Hemanth Jois that gives us some serious life lessons.

Hemanth Jois Project

Unheard stories of Hemanth Jois

Hemanth Jois, a young boy from Koppa (Chikmagalur, Karnataka) is trending today in social media for all good reasons. You might have listened to his albums ‘Tunturu’, ‘Last Semester’ followed by the recent hit ‘Kannalle’. It feels great to see such a heave coming in an independent album music in kananda and the way the self-taught artists are making big in their own arena is incredible. Hemanth gave us songs that touched million hearts to prove that if something is made out of passion, then it never fritter away.

Hemanth is a proud Kannadiga and a gem personality to associate and work with. He has a band called ‘The Last Semester’ along with his own venture by name ‘The Jois Project’. The story of hemanth from being an MBA graduate to clearing HDFC regional manager post to become a guitarist and then a music director is an inspiration to many. They say that nothing comes without a struggle and hemanth is not an exception to it. There was a flip-flop kind of situations, stories of disappointment, friends who came along, betrayal of emotions and lot many. Today, let us know few unheard stories of Hemanth Jois and his life beyond music and guitar.

Hemanth has changed 5 companies in a year chasing his passion for music

Most of Hemanth’s inner circle might know that he has pursued his MBA in marketing but only a few know that he has also cleared HDFC regional manager post in Bangalore and then decided not to take it because of his passion for music. He had to change 5 companies in a year and finally to quit and take music as a full-time profession. Certainly, the life was at risk but the passion was not.

Unheard stories of Hemanth Jois

Hemanth is a self-taught musician

He definitely doesn’t sound so when he is on his guitar. His albums and his work speak much about his credibility and his love for true music. It takes a lot of hardship to learn anything on own and for this, he owe a swag salute.

Unheard stories of Hemanth Jois

It all started with just Rs.400 in the pocket.

There was a humiliation in the close circle for quitting the job. There were situations like boss making fun for taking music as a profession over a well-paid job. Passion on one end and life on the other. Times were hard but zeal was stronger.

Unheard stories of Hemanth Jois

Hemanth enjoys teaching Guitar

Once a musician is a musician for a lifetime. After saying goodbye to the job, hemanth started teaching guitar to people who aspired to learn and he says, “ Even today I teach guitar and I enjoy it and I’m proud of it.”

Unheard stories of Hemanth Jois

Rejection becomes a stepping stone

There was a music composed and there were hopes followed by depression when it got rejected by a director for whatsoever reason. Then a decision was made to start an own venture and he named it as ‘The Jois Project’.

Unheard stories of Hemanth Jois

Kannalle was supposed to be Hemanth’s first Debut in KFI

Kannalle, the album song from The Jois Project which is a huge hit with so many applauds was actually got rejected from a movie. Maybe the director was not fortunate enough to recognize the talent and today, the story is different.

Hemanth says, “ I always work for music, not for my personal stuff. It is the director who rejects. I believe in my music and I got it out under my own project.”

Unheard stories of Hemanth Jois

He has got 4 best friends and 6 guitars

If you follow Hemanth on FB then you will get to know his love for guitars. He has his own family of guitars which you can see in the below picture. Peculiarly he names it as Aghora,Rudra,Stuthi, Aadya,Swara and Hara

Unheard stories of Hemanth Jois

He is super scared of cockroaches and he’ll never share gobi manchori with any

This is especially for Hemanth’s friends. You know what I mean. If he doesn’t share The Gobi then use the cockroach formula.

Hemanth is a die-hard fan of Metallica Linking Park and Ironmaiden

He loves hard rock metal and the way he gets inspired from the west and then indianize the music is amazing and incredible.

Unheard stories of Hemanth Jois

Finally, this is for girls

Hemanth Jois, as the name says, Hemanth is a Brahmana of the highest order. This is for your information.

Unheard stories of Hemanth Jois

So, this was all about Hemanth Jois. We wish all the best for his future endeavors. Check out his latest hit ‘Last Semester’ and do not forget to subscribe to their channel.