10 Times Sandalwood Filmmakers Have Created A Curiosity In Us With Their Innovative Titles

kannada movie titles

As we gear up for the release of Vrithra, here are 10 occasions Sandalwood filmmakers convinced us with their innovative titles

In a recently held survey, it was found out that if you fail to grab the attention of your audience within the first 10 seconds of your video, the content is likely to go downhill. Well, to make someone spend their hard-earned money and travel all the way to the theatre, it takes a monumental effort to pick a person’s heed.

The makers of ‘Vrithra’ have taken it to the next level by naming their product on a word that is catchy, unique, intriguing and definitely an interest-evoking expression. 

We have come across a few occasions where our Sandalwood filmmakers convinced us with their absolutely innovative titles. In the below space, we have listed down a few.

1. Om

The successful movie that it turned out to be, Upendra’s title for his venture with Shivaraj Kumar was top-gear and took many by surprise. And the story that he dished out with this title, it was indeed a bold attempt.

om kannada movie

2. Ulidavaru Kandanthe

Rakshit Shetty’s debut directorial created a sensation of sorts with its title. Based on the ‘Roshomon Effect’, the flick had content that justified the title to perfection.

kannada movies box office

3. U-Turn

Yes, we were aware that Pawan Kumar’s U-Turn was based on the incidents that were taking place on the Double Road. However, by fleshing out an entire story out of this, the talented individual established himself as a top filmmaker.

kannada movie titles

4. 6-5=2

Inspired by Hollywood’s ‘The Blair Witch Project’, most of us went to the theatres only because of the ‘mathematically wrong’ and attention-demanding title.

kannada movie titles

5. Godhi Banna Saadharana Mykattu

A commonly heard phrase on DD Chandana, this word is used by the narrators in referring to missing people. Hemanth M Rao titled his flick on this phrase and scored a blockbuster.

kannada movie titles

6. H2O

For God’s sake, it is a Upendra movie and how can the title not be an innovative one? Uppi scripted this movie and gave it an interesting title of the chemical formula of water, thereby, also subtly referring to the Cauveri issues with his movie.

kannada movie titles

7. Lucia

Not many had heard this word before. However, it is exactly this movie that is considered the start of the new-age cinema in Sandalwood.

kannada movie titles

8. A

Yet again, the title of a Upendra movie has made it to this list. In an era where the makers were trying hard for catchy titles, Uppi scored a blockbuster with the first letter of the English alphabet.

kannada movie titles

9. Thithi

One of the best dark-comedies that Sandalwood has ever witnessed, ‘Thithi’ attracted us right away with its breathtaking title. Viewers did not have an idea of what to expect from a movie that has a title which was very depressing. However, Raam Reddy killed it with his execution and taking which eventually enthralled us to the core.

kannada movie titles

10. Nathicharami

Mansore National-Award winning movie had an interesting title and if you have watched the movie, there is a lot of depth to the title too.

kannada movie titles



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