10 Times Indian Grandma’s Proved that they are the Real Life Badass

Indian Grandma’s

There are certain things that only Indians can do and the Badass life they enjoy has no match. They are fearless and know exactly how to scoop the cream of life, staying absolutely untouched by tensions and uncertainties. In this context, we tried to look at the spark plug life of Indian Grandma’s whom we can certainly tag under the most fearless and fighter women of the country.

Indian Grandma's

Badass Real Life Indian Grandma’s

Showing a Middle finger is Cool these days but this Granny made it in Style

Indian Grandma’s

She is a ‘Shooter Dadi’ or also known as ‘Revolver Dadi’

Chandro Tomar has won 30+ National Championships and is one of the oldest Woman Sharpshooters we have in the country. She is 84 years old now and has 6 Children and 15 Grandkids.

Indian Grandma’s

The Coolest Dadi Ever

indian grandma funny pics

Why should youngsters have all the fun?

Indian Grandma’s

Age is just a number

This 75-year old Oinam Rashi Devi left every audience in surprise by her impeccable athletic skills. This is the picture of her in the 35th National Masters Athletic Championship held in Coimbatore on February 25th, 2014. She stood second in the long jump competition.

indian grandma funny pictures

The Fearless Grandma trying her hands on Bike Stunt

Indian Grandma’s

My Girlfriend should learn a lot from this Grandma

Indian Grandma’s

Harley Davidson Ki Aisi Ki Taisi

Indian Grandma’s

Kids take selfies but Real Macho poses on Motor Bike

Indian Grandma’s

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

Indian Grandma’s

This might be a funny post but there are so many people around us who have challenged the life like a real hero. This is dedicated to all the fearless Women and Cute Grandma’s of our country.

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