10 Things you should Avoid During a Job Interview

10 Things you should Avoid During a Job Interview

Are you searching for a job? Just remember, everything you do during the span of your interview is being judged by the Interviewers. Your behavior, dressing sense, body language matters a lot. Unfortunately, some do most common mistakes in the interview and face failure. So, if you want to crack interview and land to your dream job then learn from your past mistakes. Read on these 10 things you should avoid during a job interview.

Inappropriate dressing


The First impression is the last impression. Wearing too casual clothes during interview session may lead to the rejection. Instead, wear formal and comfortable clothes.

Unprepared for the company or role

It is very necessary to know about the company and job role you intend to work for. So, don’t go unprepared. Surf the internet to know about the firm, culture, job role and its competitors.



Don’t appear arrogant while interviewing because hiring managers don’t want to hire arrogant people. Instead, lift your darkest moods and build-up the confidence while answering.

Lying about yourself


People sitting in the panel are quite smarter & intelligent than you. So, never tell a lie about yourself in front of your Interviews. Instead, showcase what you are. This can improve your interview performance.

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Sounding money-minded


Even if you are, never sound like a money-minded person during your interview. Give them a reason to hire you by showing yourself as a problem solver & useful for the company.

Negative thoughts about past employers

Try to avoid blaming your past or current company. It creates a negative effect on your personality and you will end up losing the job.

Robotic Answers


Forget those well-rehearsed answers. Just tell what comes to your mind and to the point. Carefully listen, think and be smart to answer all questions.

Talking too much or too less

Don’t be so formal while answering. You should reply which are related to subjects. Also, avoid one-word answer like yes or no. In both the scenarios, you will lose your hands on the interview.

Beware of TMI

Don’t entertain Interviewers by sharing too much information which is not relevant to interview. Try to give appropriate & point-wise answers.


Poor eye contact

During your interview, try to make eye-contact with your interview panels. Always show the best in you with confidence.

Have you made any of these mistakes during a job interview? Try to avoid these 10 pitfalls in your next interview and confidently grab the job offer. Share your thoughts & tips to crack the interview in the comment box.

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