10 Things Employees Expect From Their Employers

source: jeffkortes

In today’s working scenario an employee spends nearly 12hours of his day at work. Compromising their family and sometimes health too, they are desk or field bound just to deliver their duties. They look forward to professional and personal growth.

Every head working has a motive to perform because they treat your company like theirs. And while working they develop a professional relationship with you. As they say, “Kuch rishte khas hote hai.” There may come across many examples where you get a loyal and outstanding performer for life. And such valuable relations flourish if you rear them with fulfilled expectations.

Why is it important for employers to know the expectations of an employee?

See the fact is, each employee is distinct in traits and characters. At the workplace, there are strangers you work with. Everyone has their issues; personal and professional. To keep an employee’s mind work healthily, they must connect in good spirits. Nobody out there is to make relationships other than professional ones. Some employees have their work attitude backed by some expectations.

Though minor yes these can be valuable to frame their mind for work. Hence, it becomes important for you to know their desires. As an employer, you should wish good for your employees and know them deeply.

10 things that employees may expect from you.

Here is what your employees may expect from you when they are a part of your company.

1. A Group Health Insurance Cover

Spending a considerable time of their life working for you, the employees expect that you offer them aa group health insurance policy. But why? It is because:

a) They believe that the Health Protection under Group Health Insurance is about building financial safety. Being away from their family because of work, they wish you to take care of their family and buy health cover for them also.
b) Employees believe that they should be prepared for unexpected healthcare expenses.
c) They feel the premium is shared between the employer and the employees. Hence, it
becomes easy to manage health emergencies.

2. If not awards but respect for their work:

There are many employees in a company and everyone may not necessarily deliver the way you like. But, still, each looks that their employer respects them and does not throw a rude behavior towards them.

3. Equal Treatment and Opportunities

Employees wish that there should be equal opportunities and treatment served to all. The best may win but there should be zero favoritism from their employer. It may otherwise hamper the intentions to work.

4. Safety

Clash of opinions happens with everyone but nothing should flow out of control. An employee would want that they should have a safe working environment.

5. Recognition and Motivation

When there are many workers on the same platform, the employees want the performers should receive some recognition and motivation. The employer should organize such events as this will bring in the fire to work more and deliver more.

6. Flexibility

Unfortunate events or unfavorable situations may arise with anyone. If that happens to any employee then she/he will want that employer to be flexible to accommodate the situation.

7. Open-Mindedness

Employees want an unbiased and open-minded atmosphere at their working place. There should be absolutely no room for discrimination on grounds of caste, gender, and other things.

8. Transparency

Employees trust the company owners for their decisions and work in tandem to make their organization a brand. When they put in efforts to make it possible, they expect transparency from their employers as well. Generally, the Human Resource department is to handle any issues that relate to the policies and employment. Whatever it may relate to, the employees want clear and transparent communication.

9. Paid Holidays

No one wants to work like donkeys because work, be it of any kind, gets boring after some time. To break the boredom and revive energy, employees want to go someplace they’ve never been, once in three months, some holidays!!! They want it paid because it relieves them from the stress of expenditure when they are away from work.

10. Compensation

You are working to earn money and make bread and butter for your family. The very basic expectation any employee will have from his employer is to get some compensation. There should be clear communication about compensation and timely benefits.

There is nothing wrong with keeping expectations from the employers because the substantial hours of the day of an employee are spent at the working place. It is no obligation because the employee is working to make your dreams come true and so should you.