10 Sukka Dialogues from Duniya Soori’s Directorials Which Are Super Massy

duniya soori

Suri, a director par excellence is well-known through his successful debut movie, titled ‘Duniya.’ Today, Soori is regarded as one of the top directors of South India and the most succesful director of KFI. Before walking in to the land of films, Soori has worked in the fields of visual arts, wall paintings, interior decoration, television, and documentaries. It is said that a Good Director is an artist with many facets and in case of Soori, it is cent percent true. In his ten year period of Cine career, Soori has directed 9 movies and maximum of them are blockbusters.

One main element observed in Soori’s films are the Rawness, a subject closer to life, and dialogues. Being a craftsman and an incredible story-teller, Soori has mastered the art of cinema making to an extent that there are people hitting the theatres today, banking upon his directorial excellence. As an ode to Soori’s love for Cinema, here we are with a few Dialogues from his movies, on today’s read.


duniya soori


duniya soori


duniya soori


duniya soori


tagaru movie dialogues


duniya soori


tagaru movie dialogues


duniya soori


soori dialogues


tagaru movie dialogues

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