10 Scenic Beaches in the world that are a synonym for nature’s beauty

Scenic Beaches in the world

Summer is all about hitting the beach, relaxing under the sun, soaking up some color, frolicking and swimming in clear blue waters, building up sand castles and indulging in water sports like surfing, snorkeling or diving. Here is the list of 10 Scenic Beaches in the world to escape to this summer.

1. Whitehaven, Queensland, Australia

Stretching over 7 kms along the Whitsunday Island, Whitehaven is one of the scenic beaches to set your foot on. A flawless spot to have a tête-à-tête with sun, sand, and nature.

Scenic Beaches in the world

2. Anse Source d’Argent, La Digue, Seychelles

Said to be one of the most “Photographed Beaches in the World”, Anse Source d’Argent is starkly alluring with warm turquoise water and immaculate white sands backed by granite rocks and tall palm trees.

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3. Matira Beach, Bora Bora, French Polynesia

We would have committed the cardinal sin if we didn’t include Bora Bora in this list. Matira Beach is a one-mile stretch of soft white sand and crystal clear water. It is the only public accessible beach in Bora Bora.

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4. The Baths, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

Surrounded by huge granite boulders, The Baths is one of the scenic beaches that attract vacationers from far corners of the world for snorkeling, swimming and strolling.

Scenic Beaches in the world

5. Hidden Beach, Marieta Islands, Mexico

If you’re looking for secluded experience, head to Hidden Beach. It is only accessible via a short tunnel, which means getting here requires efforts; however, the reward is well worth it.

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6. Maya Bay, Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

The Blockbuster film “The Beach” starring Leonardo DiCaprio was shot here. Fascinating enough? The crystal blue waters, the surrounding limestone cliffs and the white soft sand craft an unparalleled scenic view.

Scenic Beaches in the world

7. Beaches of Maldives

Maldives has been a hot-spot for beach lovers. It consists of many scenic beaches with white sands, clear water and water sports adventures that will seduce you to stay for long. And believe it or not, you’ll never get bored in the Maldives.

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8. Honokalani Beach, Wai’anapanapa State Park, Maui, Hawaii

It is a jet-black sand beach with lush green environs and turquoise waters that add to its picturesque beauty. Did we mention that there are other attractions too, like seaside lave tubes, lave cliffs, and sea caves.

Scenic Beaches in the world

9. Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

You’ll be welcomed by a mile long stretch of cleaner sand and magnificent vistas of the Dois Irmaos Mountains at this picture-perfect beach of Brazil. Frequented by young, chic crowds.

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10. Palm Beach, Aruba

It is a 2-mile long stretch of white sand and calm waters that lie in the lap of Aruba. An ideal beach for activities like snorkeling, parasailing, and diving.

Scenic Beaches in the world

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