10 Sandalwood Characters That Can Have Movies Of Their Own

There are two sorts of cinema. One is plot-driven, while the other is character-driven. In the first, it is the story that carries the film, while in the latter, it is one central character that performs the function. While movies like Mungaru Male drop in the plot-driven category, most of Upendra’s directorial films such as ‘A’ belong to the other division.

It is not always that only one character makes you fall in love with a movie. Although some roles appear for the briefest periods, they still bequeath you entertained. At the end of the film, you might even be left asking for more of that character.


In Sandalwood, too, there have been many such instances. In this article, we take you through 10 amazing characters which can have films of their own.

Daali (Already In The Works)

There is not one soul who was not impressed by Daali in Tagaru. Every hero needs a strong villain, and only then, can you root for the protagonist. In Tagaru, Shivanna had no problems whatsoever in this aspect. Apart from this, Daali’s characterization itself was so entertaining that it deserves a full-fledged film.

Byrathi Ranagal (Already In The Works)

Although Byrathi Ranagal had plenty of screentime in Mufti, the film was still Sri Murali’s story. Nevertheless, the character portrayed by Byrathi had plenty of flesh to be enlarged to a film. It is said that works are already happening in this direction.


Century Gowda

He just appeared for a few minutes and left us with plenty of laughter. Century Gowda is absolutely worthy of a film. Be it his slang or the old-age antics, this character can be very entertaining.

Venkob Rao

Now, who can make you smile and feel sad at the same time? Well, Anant Nag can do that. And he did that in GBSM. The film was mostly told from Rakshit Shetty’s perspective, and it might not be a bad idea if there can be a version told from Anant Nag’s eye. We are sure we would be in for a terrific ride of emotions if that happens.


While filmmakers mostly use blind characters to extract emotions and tears, Guruprasad had other ideas in Eddelu Manjunatha. As much as Jaggesh’s role was entertaining, Tabla Nani also had his role in the success of this film. We would definitely love to see this character as a protagonist.



Although the makers might have conceived to add hype to Sai Kumar’s character, never would they have imagined that Angaara would turn into a troll icon. There is scope for multiple dimensions to be given to this character and for a movie to be carved out.


One of the most entertaining characters of our childhood, Mustafa returned in the movie Googly. He made us laugh in that movie as well. Currently, in an era where there are so many namesake photographers, a film on Mustafa can be interesting.


No dialogues, and yet, Dracula did not leave our memories. His background and childhood can be interesting things to discuss, and hence, a film on him is possible.



Why not? A film on an animal with a ‘mind voice’ has already been done before. If Sandalwood wants to do that, a character is already ready. There is also an interesting ‘love-failure’ twist that the makers can make use of (Only for those who can remember Mungaru Male!).


He is one of the Suri specials. Although he has appeared in two movies, we still feel like we want more of him. His underdog swag and one-liners are entertaining and worthy of a full film.