10 Recent Kannada Movies That Deserve A Remake And The Actors Who Can Remake Them

The trend has surely reversed in recent years. While a couple of years ago, the number of remakes were high in KFI, we are now consistently delivering content that is becoming worthy of a remake in other industries.

Ulidavaru Kandanthe, Lucia, U-Turn have been the recent examples of the trend. However, if you take the Kannada movies of the last few years, there are a plethora of other films which can get remade too. In this article, we would be speaking about them, and also the other-language artists who could reprise the roles of the Kannada actors.


Raajakumara – Mahesh Babu

An actor with a wide following among families is required for this role. While Puneeth was the obvious choice for the same in Karnataka, Mahesh Babu will be the unanimous choice in Tollywood. Raajakumara dealt with emotions and topics that had an universal appeal, and hence, a remake of this movie can actually be thought of.

Bell Bottom – Vijay Sethupathi

A retro investigative thriller that also had plenty of comedy, Bell Bottom was a rare and a successful attempt in Sandalwood. Although Akshay Kumar announced his new movie of the same name, the makers have confirmed that the Bollywood film will not be a remake of the Kannada movie. So, if this movie is going to get remade, we feel that happening star Vijay Sethupathi will be a fine fit to play Detective Divakara. Vijay Sethupathi oozes charm that is necessary for this role, while his comic timing is also right on point.

Mufti -Mohanlal and Dulquer Salmaan

Although the Tamil remake of this film went on floors, it was later stopped for various reasons. However, if this film ever gets a Malayalam remake, Mohanlal and Dulquer would be fine picks to play the roles of Shivanna and Srimurali. While Mohanlal’s persona is enough to carry the role of Byrathi Ranagal, Dulquer will do well as an undercover police officer in the movie.


Tagaru – Nagarjuna

Nagarjuna has been in a rough phase lately, but, the major belief is that he is just a hit away from rediscovering his form. Nevertheless, he could make his path simpler with the remake of Tagaru. Brilliant characterization and engaging screenplay made Tagaru a massive hit in Sandalwood. The same could work in the Telugu states too.

Yajamana – Vijay

Yajamana is one commercial entertainer that managed to both mint money and impress a few critics at the same time. Considering that an actor with a massive mass appeal is needed for this role, Kollywood’s Vijay will be a neat fit for the Tamil remake of Yajamana.

Shivaji Surathkal – Akshay Kumar

Although there are rumors that this film is heading for a Bollywood remake, there have been no concrete reports of the same. The makers, though, are working towards a sequel. Coming to the actors who could star in the remake, Akshay Kumar is a good option. Just like Ramesh Arvind, Akki could experiment with his looks while also, a middle-aged role of an investigator seems perfect for Bollywood’s Khiladi.


Love Mocktail – Vijay Devarakonda

It is not long before Tollywood heartthrob Vijay Devarakonda attempts a coming-of-age love story. Well, it wouldn’t be a bad idea if he takes up the remake of Love Mocktail. While there are plenty of story beats to keep his fans engaged, it would also be interesting to see Vijay perform in a subtle role.

Gultoo – Ayushmann Khurrana

A confident underdog who achieves his dreams against all the odds is a storyline that could convince Ayushmann Khurrana very easily. The ‘Bala’ actor has been doing similar stuff in Bollywood, and hence, we feel he fits perfectly for the remake of Gultoo.

Kendasampige – Rajkummar Rao

Kendasampige is a terrific thriller with whistle worthy twists and turns in the plot. Although the male lead has a passive characterization, with his ability to evoke sympathy and make this role stand on its own, Rajkummar Rao is a good pick for the remake.


Aa Karaala Raatri – Karthi

A film based on a novel, Aa Karaala Raatri is considered one of the best Sandalwood thrillers in recent times. With ‘greed’ as the motive for the actions by the lead characters, this story could find takers in Kollywood too. Coming to the actors who could play the lead role, we feel Karthi, with his broad physique and exceptional acting abilities, could work well in the remake.