10 Reasons Why Our Fingers Are Moving Towards Rhea Chakraborty

Courtesy: indiatoday.in

On Tuesday an FIR was registered against actor Rhea Chakraborty under various IPC sections, including abetment of suicide, on the complaint of Sushant Singh Rajput’s father.

Nothing has been confirmed so far. However, after having all the evidence we cannot be sure if it was a suicide case. There are many reasons that bring actress Rhea Chakraborty in the shadow of a doubt. Did She plot the killing? Some of them are:


Courtesy: indiatoday.in

1. Height Of The Ceiling Is Less Than 6 Feet

The room in which Sushant’s body was found did not have ceiling at a great height. It was less than 6 Feet.

2. Disha’s Death

Disha was the ex-manager of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput who was in the news a few months ago for committing suicide. As per sources, it is believed that Sushant knew some harsh reality behind her death. Morever, he got the information that Disha has some dark information about Bollywood industry.

3. Rhea Left Sushant’s Flat 48 Hours After Disha Killed Herself

The question arises that what made Rhea leave the house 48 hours after Disha’s death? Moreover, if she was in a genuine relationship with Sushant, why would she leave him at a point where he was in depression and on strict medications?


4. Rhea Stopped Sushant When He Wanted To Do Organic Farming In Kerala 

Yes! You heard that right. Sushant wanted to buy a land with his friend in Kerala and do organic farming. However, Rhea stopped him from doing so and wanted to trap him in her own vicious circle.

5. Sushant Was Playing Online Game 5 Hours Before His Death 

It is very hard to believe that someone who is playing a game 5 hours before his death, could plan his own killing.

6. Rhea Transferred 15 Crore From Sushant’s Account To Her Account 

What made her transfer such a big amount of money to her account from Sushant’s account.


7. Rhea Kept Him On Overdose 

The audience is aware of the fact that Sushant was medication due to stress and depression. However, giving him overdose doesn’t sound right.

8. Ankita Declares That Sushant Wanted To End Relationship With Rhea 

Recently, Sushant’s former girlfriend Ankita Lokhande has shared her chat with Sushant from 2019 in which he clearly mentions that he is not happy dating Rhea Chakraborty and is planning to end his relationship with her.

9. Rhea Disappeared From Her Residence After FIR 

If Rhea is innocent and did nothing to kill Sushant, then what made her to disappear from her residence when Sushant’s father lodged an FIR against her?


10. Rhea Kept Sushant Away From Her Family 

Sushant’s Father has blamed the girl for controlling Sushant and keeping him away from his family.