10 Reasons Why ‘Kirik Party’ Is Not Just A Movie But An Emotion To Youth Of K’taka

Kirik Party, a film that released right at the end of 2016, was a massive hit at the box-office. Not only that, but the movie also engineered to win a cult status that is so hard to gain.

One of the main reasons why the film found success was because of the young population of the state. They were left mightily influenced by the movie, and there was no looking back for Rakshit Shetty and co. Here are ten reasons why the film is still dear to the youngsters.


A Relatable Story

Kirik Party is basically a coming-of-age story that revolves not only about the protagonist’s love story, but also about his relationship with friends, and his view about life. This was an extremely relatable thread for people belonging to the same age-group.

Campus Escapades

Having fun at the campus is a really sweet memory for every individual. Most of the scenes in this film happened at the campus, and of course, there were plenty of escapades. For guys and girls going to college, this left them wanting for more.

Karna and the Gang

It is through whose view that we watch the film that matters the most. Karna and his gang were entertaining, and we could not have asked for a better set of boys to keep us glued to the screen.


The Evergreen Songs

Now, who could forget the songs of Kirik Party. Each composition was on-point, and this was one of the primary reasons for the film’s well-doing. All the songs also did well in the ears of the youngsters.

The Punchlines

Those punchlines can still give laughs to the audience. The clean comedy and pure wordplay were immense, and youngsters adored it to the T.

A Group Project

At least once in everyone’s life, a group project would have happened. It was only in Kirik Party that this small part of life was showcased. The entire event was peppered with light-hearted comedy, and that did the trick for the makers.


Hostel Life

Hostel life is one part of a youth’s life that is explored very less on the big screen. Kirik Party did that, and those who were staying in hostels or had that experience enjoyed the film. These sequences also make this movie entertaining even after multiple viewings.

The Cult References

The love for the Kannada language and the references to Upendra and his pop philosophy extracted many whistles at the theaters. Youngsters loved it, and a few even took it upon themselves to apply the same at their colleges.

Falling in love with a Senior

While in the first half, the guy falls in love with a senior, after the interval, it is the heroine who proceeds with her crush on a senior. Falling in love or having a crush on a senior, especially at college, is something that really entertained the youngsters.


Lessons Galore

Although not too much directly, Kirik Party gave a couple of lessons through its story. For those who could catch it, it was a fruitful time for them at the cinemas.