10 Reasons To Watch This Genuinely Entertaining Kannada Movie Titled Kapata Nataka Paatradhaari

kapata nataka pathradhari

Amongst the slew of movies that lined up at the theatres last Friday, Kapata Nataka Paatradhaari was the most impressive and has already been declared as the winner at the box-office. Ever since its release, this movie has been at the center of rave reviews and critical acclaim, and in this article, we will be listing down 10 reasons why you must not miss this movie at the theatres.

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1. A Wholesome entertainer after a very long time in Sandalwood

At a time when Sandalwood has been busy churning out, thrillers & comedies consistently here is one movie which has got all of it, plus generous doses of action and romance as well. Multiple emotions are sure to be triggered within you on leaving the theatres after watching this movie.

2. A Team of Newcomers who have trodden the path less traveled

Newcomers usually focus on thrillers or horror-movies to get noticed in the industry. However, this team has tried something different by amalgamating a variety of topics in their story. This surely is a daring attempt by the team.

3. Supremely talented star-cast

Balu Nagendra and Sangeetha Bhatt occupy the bulk of the screen-time in this movie. Both of them have performed brilliantly and it is a treat to watch them enact their roles on the big screen.


kapata nataka pathradhari

4. Crisp run-time

Yes. At a time when the start-and-stop of a video has become a habit for the OTT users, it is actually difficult to remain unperturbed while watching a flick at the theatres. With Kapata Nataka Paatradhaari, this problem is absent as the run-time is just around the 120-minute mark. The movie is crisp, to the point and never meanders from the main story.

5. Not restricted to just one genre

There is Action, comedy, romance, suspense & a few moments of horror too. Thus, none of the sections of the audience will get bored while sitting in front of the big screen.

6. The tale of an Auto Driver

At times in movies, it could be difficult to relate to the lead protagonist. In this movie though, this aspect will not cross your mind as Balu Nagendra plays an auto-driver in the movie. We interact with auto-drivers daily and it is interesting to watch a story told in their perspective.


7. The Haunted Auto

This makes for an interesting topic of discussion. Imagine if this happens for real and you would be blown away by the possibilities. Debutante director Krish has explored almost every corner of your imagination in this movie.

8. Catchy Songs

Music is a highlight in Kapata Nataka Paatradhaari. Both the songs & the BGM have been rendered well and surprisingly, both these aspects can stand on their own as well.

9. A movie that goes down to the last minute

There are unprecedented twists and turns in the plot which will not allow you to take your guesses easily. Until the last minute, there is curiosity and interest to know the outcome of the movie. The exact reason why watch a movie at a theatre will be fulfilled.


10. So, who is playing the ‘Fake Drama’?

Finally, coming to the title, how has it been justified? Who is the character in the ‘Fake Drama’? Who is playing this ‘Fake Drama’? These questions have been answered brilliantly in the movie and if you want to uncover all of this, just head to your nearest theatres playing this movie.