10 Proven ways to Market your product Online

Proven ways to Market your product Online

Running a website? Want to reach a larger audience? Shake hands with online marketing to broadcast your products. This will help to leverage your products. Here, we’re sharing 10 proven ways to market your product online. Choose the best which are appropriate for your business.


Search Engine Optimization is one of the best ways to increase the traffic to your website. Make use of SEO strategy by optimizing your product with right keyword phrases.


Free Online Directories

Submit your products to different directories to improve link building. It will help pull in new visitors & drive traffic to your product.

Give a shot to Content Marketing


Plan a kick ass content strategy via blog posts, ebooks, templates, infographics, videos, podcasts & much more. Distribute it on various social media platforms. Some of the benefits of content marketing are more access to qualified leads and lower cost to acquire customers.

Email Marketing

It’s the best way to leverage your product by building an email list. For this, set up your newsletter, send attractive emails & increase your customer’s base.


Experiment with Paid Ads

If you have a dedicated budget then try PPC, Google Adwords & Facebook Ads. Also, measure the success with Google Analytics.

Social Media Engagement


Share materials on different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Grab people’s attention by tagging their profiles to encourage engagement.

Affiliate Marketing

This marketing strategy can help you by marketing your products to different vendor’s platform to drive traffic to your website. In return, give them a decent commission on every purchase.

Blogging & Guest Blogging


Write a blog featuring your products and share in different social media platforms. Also, try hands-on Guest blogging because it has a broader readership.

Offers, Discounts & Deals

Everyone loves a discount & offer. It’s the best to grab the attention of new visitors. Take advantages of deal websites to promote your active offers. Also, throw online contests and give customized gift to entice customers.

Reddit Documentation

Reddit is an online platform where you can make a large number of followers by submitting your product launch content under entrepreneur subreddit & small business thread.


A good marketing strategy is the very important to run your product or website. So, do whatever you can to gain the visibility & increase your customer’s base. Let us know which marketing strategy helped you the most by commenting below.